7 Tips to Find the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Wedding

The Wedding Singer soundtrack is a compilation of love songs that are perfect for a wedding day. It includes classics like “Love Me Tender” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love” as well as more modern hits like “A Thousand Years” and “Marry Me.” This soundtrack is sure to get everyone in the mood for a romantic day!

How difficult life would be without music, right? The notes of the songs we hear have a very powerful influence on us. They make us excited. They transport us around the world without planes. They lower our inspiration when we are creating. They give us the strength we need in those last minutes of spinning. They even animate a dull party. But, above all, they evoke lived moments. Therefore, such an important aspect on your wedding day you cannot leave it to chance. And better to follow the following tips so that the melodies that sound are indicated, perfect for each special moment.

1. Choose songs that represent you

There are millions of songs and endless musical genres that is also what makes music special. We all feel identified with a specific style, nobody is excluded, and we have a playlist of our life. Therefore, the first thing you should do is look in your subconscious all those songs that define you and those that have formed the soundtrack of your relationship by looking back. What did it sound like when you first saw each other? What is the song that you didn’t get out of your head on that special trip together? We all have songs that remind us of specific people and moments, by their lyrics, their meaning or the moment they rang.

2. A type of music for every moment

Almost as important as what is when. There are moments at the wedding that require quieter music , such as at the banquet, so that guests can enjoy food while enjoying a conversation between them; and situations that are to give everything, such as the party, and we do not want attendees to fall asleep or get bored.

3. The first dance song

And speaking of occasions, there is no musical moment more characteristic in any wedding than the couple’s first dance. Perhaps you have been practicing a spectacular choreography worthy of the concert of a rock star for months or you prefer a slow dance stuck feeling each note. Now, that is the moment of your great bet when all loved ones will be watching you and waiting to guess what the theme will be next: yours most special song.

4. Guests are also part of the day.

Although it is your day it never hurts to think about all the attendees of the event. A wedding is a celebration of love, not only with your partner also towards your sister, family or friends of a lifetime. It can be a very good idea to choose special songs also among you to make them part, more if possible, of this union and a unique opportunity to tell and show you how much you value those people who are part of your day  to day. Let you advise by professionals like 22DUO who know, according to the style you ask, what kind of music to play, because their experience has shown them what is best.

5. Live music

It goes without saying that there is nothing better for a wedding or any special event than live music, more humane, with more nuances and feelings than if we listen to it through a cold electronic device. There is a lot of talent in the world of music and it will not cost you to find an experienced duo that will liven up the evening.

6. In line with the theme of the wedding

Another aspect that you should keep in mind is that music contributes decisively and actively in generating the atmosphere and atmosphere you desire for this very significant day. Look for a playlist that is consistent with the theme and style you want to give the celebration taking into account the space, the decoration and every detail; and so the professionals that you choose for musical themes, can guide you much better.

You can also be inspired by the soundtracks of movies that have the same style that you want for your wedding.

7. Let you advice

And finally, and more importantly, listen to the recommendations of the professionals. If you opt for musicians, they will not only play and sing for all the guests on one of the most important days of your life, they will also help you in choosing the repertoire and at the technical level in the sound for everything to be perfect.

Lionel Richie - All Night Long (All Night)

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