How to Choose the Wedding Music to Make it a Success?

How to choose the wedding music to make it a success? We have also asked this question in Wedding Trends, and to answer it we contacted Irigo Castellanos, responsible for one of the most important music and animation companies, Giving you Rhythm. We talk to him and these are the recommendations he leaves us.

Preparing the music is a fundamental part of making the wedding a success. Many times couples focus on decoration, catering, clothing, flowers, etc., and neglect everything related to the dance. I have always considered that many guests remembered a wedding not -only- because of how beautiful it was or how well they ate, but because of how well they had in general that day. Therefore, it is essential to prepare the music for the entire wedding in advance (beyond the repertoire of the ceremony ).

For this, and for the celebration to be a total success, I bring you a series of tips for choosing the wedding music  that will help you so that all your guests enjoy themselves in a big way.

Tips for choosing wedding music

1. Preparing the music is not about sending an extensive list to the DJ.

Yes, you do nothing by sending an extensive list to put songs one after another. It is a mistake in which many couples fall. A good DJ is the one who interprets the dance floor well and sees what is needed at all times; not the one that just puts a list just. Remember, the virtue of a good musical selection and a good DJ is in adapting the songs to the taste of the guests – and the bride and groom – as the party unfolds.

2. Tell the DJ what songs and music styles you like.

You have to take into account that if your tastes are very peculiar you will have to be more flexible when it comes to indicating your preferences. Many times it is easier to pass the style or songs to the DJ that you cannot bear, than to tell them –all of it– what you have to put on.

3. Let it be noticed that the music is personalized.

It is important to indicate to the DJ your songs or essential song that characterizes you: the song that you danced with your friends from college, the song that you met, the one that you never stop singing, etc. It will also help to know the DJ what that song means to you, so you can put it at the right time.

4. To choose the entrance song of the bride and groom to the banquet …

The best thing is that you previously put yourself in a situation and see how you want to enter the banquet. For example, if one of the bride and groom is shy and does not see himself bouncing in, putting on a very lively song can make him have a bad time. Think about it!

5. By the time of delivery of the bridal bouquet …

Our advice is to try to find a song that arouses emotions in the person – or people – to whom you deliver your bouquet. This will be a very special moment.

6. For the cocktail moment…

During the cocktail it is always intended to create a relaxed atmosphere, so it is necessary to take care of the smallest detail, both visually (decoration, lighting, etc.), and auditory. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a style of ambient music according to the space, whether live or not.

7. Think about lighting the dance floor.

It is essential to think about the lighting that the dance floor will have (or where it will take place) and choose it based on that space. A disco lighting, for example, what it provides is an impression of movement and therefore a more lively feeling on the track.

8. The dance is the time to fully enjoy the wedding.

This is our last tip, and for me the most important: dancing is the time to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. During the cocktail and the banquet the bride and groom have spent their time greeting and taking photos with all their guests, so in the dance you have to let go of your hair and enjoy yourself. It is very noticeable when the bride and groom are on the dance floor and when they are not. They are the protagonists of the wedding and the track requires their presence and rhythm.

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