Lab Grown Diamonds – An Introduction

Lab Grown Diamonds

Have you ever wondered how diamonds are made? You probably think of diamonds from deep within the earth, mined by people in hard hats with pickaxes. While that is one way to procure diamonds, it’s not the only way. An increasing number of diamonds on the market today are “lab grown.” But what exactly does that mean? Keep reading to find out.

Tennis Bracelet – Delicate and Pretty

Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is a bracelet that is typically made of diamonds and worn by women. It gets its name from the fact that it was first popularized by tennis player Chris Evert, who was known for wearing one on the court. A tennis bracelet is an excellent piece of jewelry for any occasion, as it can dress up or dress down an outfit.

Jewelry Stores in the Jacksonville Area

Jewelry Stores in the Jacksonville Area

There are dozens, if not hundreds of  You can choose any Jacksonville Jeweler, but are you going to pay for their Jewelry Store Over head? Their Jacksonville Jewelry store local radio advertising budget? How about their diamond and gemology certification fees across an entire staff?

The Best Indian Jewelry to Look more Appealing and Glamorous

The Best Indian Jewelry to Look more Appealing and Glamorous

Indian Jewelry is popular in the world for the finest and elaborated designs. Instead of wearing traditional designs, Asian women prefer to select the jewelry that can coordinate with the dresses. The credit is given to skilled craftsmen who create stylish pieces with clay, wood, plastic, stones, metals and beads to present unlimited astounding collection.

Bangles, nose ring, earrings, ring, maang-tika, mangal-sutra and necklaces are being worn to look more appealing and glamorous. Whether you need gold, imitation or diamond jewelry, it will take a few minutes to find your favorite brand and design online. Pota, Kundan, Metal, Thewa and Polki are some of the highly demanded designs.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a great selection of Indian Jewelry? Check out our selection of the 10 best Indian Jewelry today!