Hair Extension: 5 Tips to Follow Before You Start

Wedding Hair Extension

To go from short to long in a few hours, impossible? We prove that thanks to the hair extensions, you will get a bluffing result with 5 tips to follow if you hesitate to start.

Trust a professional

Even if more and more methods flourish to allow you to put your own extensions at home, it is better to hand over to a professional (or at least a girlfriend who is a follower of the practice) for a result to the nearest of your expectations.

A hairdresser specialized in extensions can offer you different processes to find the one that will allow you to live your extensions to the daily.

What to pay attention when choosing its extensions?

The extensions, it’s like everything: you will find all the prices, all the qualities … It’s up to you to know what you are looking for in your extensions. If you want a quality work, bet on quality extensions themselves (natural hair, especially Asian or Indian hair) for a more natural result.

The method (weaving, clip, glue …) will be defined by the person who will ask you the extensions: the clipping is faster to ask but takes less well in time than the glue with keratin. The weaving remains the most natural method but it is long enough to achieve.

How to maintain its extensions?

Extensions, a wound to maintain? Not anymore! Thanks to advances in the field, extensions are no more difficult to maintain than your natural hair. No need to change your shampoo or your washing frequency: just think to massage the roots without pressing too much.

Use a detangler on the lengths and comb your hair when rinsing: this gesture will help avoid knots and enjoy a neat hair.

Are all hairstyles allowed with extensions?

Want a smooth blow-dry or a beautiful curly hair thanks to your extensions? Nothing prevents you from styling them as if they were your own hair, especially if your extensions consist of natural hair. Permanent and colorations are also possible with the extensions provided that the installation times are respected.

Is there a risk for my real hair?

Of course, anything that will affect your hair (colorations, discolorations, perms…) can damage the integrity of your hair by aggressive care. The extensions are no exception: the added strands can prevent your real hair from breathing because they act like a foreign body.

Fragile and damaged, your natural hair may seem weak when you remove the extensions. Better to limit the damage, put only a few wicks to bring length and thickness without wicking the whole head.