5 Tips to Organize the Best Surprise Party

5 Tips to Organize the Best Surprise Party

Who does not appreciate having a surprise party in his honor? But the real question is how to organize such a birthday that can deceive (or surprise) the most suspicious person! With this guide, learn how to do it in 5 steps.

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1. Find an accomplice

Are you planning a surprise party? We must then take several elements into account! It is better to avoid warning everyone because you run the risk that someone can not hold their tongue. It is therefore necessary to look for a person of confidence and who can keep a secret.

2. The guest list: atmosphere assured

With your accomplice, list the guests. In this way, you are certain to never forget any teaser. In addition, this list gives an overview of the number of guests, which allows looking for a suitable location for the birthday.

Once the guest list is complete, you can contact everyone to ask if they have something planned for the date you have in mind. Use a list to see if they are free or not on the scheduled date.

3. Planning on time

Start planning the surprise party 5 to 6 weeks in advance. Guests should be able to free up their schedule: if you send the invitations just a week in advance, chances are many people can not come.

To make sure the most party goers are at the surprise party, select a date using Doodle. All guests can view their agenda and get free on the proposed date.

In addition, some elements need to be developed in time. To begin, make sure you have enough time to list all the choices and possibilities, so that you can decide which room to rent, which dishes to serve, who to invite and how to dress, for example.

4. Choose a location for the party

The location of the party is a difficult choice. Renting a room can indeed cost a lot of money and often requires a reservation of several weeks or months in advance. Have you thought of organizing a surprise party at home or in a big garden? Have you conducted the investigation in the favorite cafe of the person to surprise? Why not hold a mini-festival on a farmer’s wasteland in the neighborhood?

By making the right choices, you can save money at the venue and increase the budget for beverages, food, decorations or birthday gifts. In our opinion, these are the main elements of the party!

5. Find a theme for the party

The choice of theme also depends on the success of a surprise party. Opt for a theme that perfectly matches the hero of the evening. Once the theme is found, go in search of decoration and appropriate costumes. It is also an opportunity to make invitations, in the chosen theme, of course.