Tips from a Wedding Event Planner

A wedding event planner is a professional who helps couples to plan and execute their wedding day. They are often responsible for making sure that all of the details of the day are taken care of, from the food and decorations to the music and flowers. Many event planners also work with vendors to get discounts on services and products. Some may even offer packages that include everything from the rehearsal dinner to the wedding reception. Event planners typically charge a flat fee or a percentage of the total cost of the event.

When you are planning your wedding, it is important to find a wedding event planner that you can trust. This person will be responsible for helping you to make all of the decisions about your big day, so you want to make sure that they have your best interests at heart. You should interview several different event planners before making a final decision. Be sure to ask about their experience, their rates, and what type of services they offer. You should also get a contract in writing that spells out what is included in their fee. This will help to avoid any surprises down the road.

If you are looking for a unique and memorable wedding, then you may want to consider hiring a wedding event planner. They can help you to create a one-of-a-kind day that you and your guests will always remember. With their help, you can be sure that your wedding day is everything that you have always dreamed it would be.

The advice of a Wedding Planner [intended for the future bride!]

That’s it, the love of your life ended up asking you in marriage! Congratulations! You can enjoy this moment so intense but the various concerns will arrive soon at high speed…

I’m sure you already think at this unique and magical moment: the day of your wedding! Believe me; it will take many months of effort. This is just the beginning! Between the stress of the daily grind and the multiple questions of your loved ones, you will be filled with energy to plan alone every detail that will be important throughout the preparations and on the occasion of your day of celebration?

In agreement with your dear and tender, you have finally managed to locate the appropriate region to celebrate your wedding. Good news! (My parents are in Burgundy, his cousins ​​in the Vendee, in the Jura, my friends in Paris, my sister has been expatriate in Canada for a few years and her brother, a future witness, lives in the south of Italy. be satisfied with this success!)

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After her statement, you will certainly be eager to tell your dearest friends. Each (in its own way) was able to rejoice in this noble announcement. Some of them have advised you on how to go about making your wedding an exceptional moment and now you do not know where to turn! [Ideas, you surely have thousands or more! But what is really achievable? This is less obvious to know!]

When one of your great girlfriends says to you, “But did you think about using an event organizer ? », You remain of course skeptical in the face of this remark because you do not know or very little this business of” wedding planner “come from the other side of the Atlantic. Be reassured, because in France it is not yet completely in the customs.

Do not panic, I’ll explain what this occupation is and therefore my job!

My recommendations, not to be taken lightly!

To begin, I advise you not to throw yourself on all the websites that deal with marriage and specialized magazines by saying to you: “I want this and that and again for my wedding! I want this decor, or maybe this one, this announcement is too beautiful, this Castle reminds me of Disney, this dress is almost the same as that of Kate… »

No, no and no ! Especially not Mademoiselle (future Madame!)… Do not put the cart before the dresses! You have to ask the right questions and for that, a wedding planner will be a good omen, that’s for sure! Its real role is to accompany you in your choices, to advise you to make you make the right decisions so that you have absolutely no regret afterwards!

You can trust me! I strongly recommend that you meet a Wedding Planner, a true wedding pro for organizing your festivities. It’s a beautiful adventure to live.

Step by step, she will explain the many steps to take so that this day becomes perfect in your eyes and those of your guests as you certainly hope! [You are the princess; she is the director of your own fairy tale]

In parallel, I strongly recommend you to get Katia Coen’s Guide to all weddings at Fortuna editions available in bookstores and Ebook.

The Budget of my Wedding

The organizer to whom you entrust this heavy task will initially develop the items of expenses necessary for your wedding. It will establish with you your expectations and your desires [And I hope you have many!] . A wedding planner will bring you a weighty know-how (or size, it’s more rewarding for a girl! XD) for managing your budget allocated to your event.

Its real role is to unique providers for your wedding that will be present also at any time to accompany you throughout the preparations. For an efficient organization, these service providers (caterer, photographer, DJ animator, and cameraman, ceremonial officiate, florist…) will also have to answer your requests as quickly as your wedding planner.

My wedding planner will know how to worry for me!

The work of the wedding planner does not stop there! Indeed, you, the future bride, will have doubts and questions during these long months of preparation. It is not easy! I know that being present at your side to support you in your decisions (whether in terms of decoration, in the choice of the reception venue and your service providers, the dress, the hairstyle, even the makeup) is essential for you!

Because the D-Day will be, I hope, the most important day of your married life, your wedding planner has the opportunity to be present for everything (and absolutely everything!) To stage and help you relax while enjoying this beautiful day. It will be able to welcome your guests, coordinate the service providers, manage the installation and the uninstallation as well as to settle a possible unforeseen (it would be a pity to forget uncle Maurice, asleep on the bench of the church at the end of the ceremony! .

I have a doubt!

After reading this, you should definitely think that calling on the services of a wedding planner is a good thing! But apart from giving me advice, can she create a decoration on tables and the room makes my announcements and menus according to my desires, bring me advice on the wedding animation?

Well yes! Some of them propose it (and this is my case!) I do not hide from you that the wedding planner that I am can even offer workshops of Do It Yourself [DIY] , workshops of “do it yourself”, in order to have a unique decoration and at a lower cost). It is not necessary to be manual. You will see that everyone can create beautiful things, especially when it’s for his wedding. I’m sure you’ll surpass yourself!

Did you know? There are gazettes of the bride and groom or witnesses, cliffs cards, tree prints. Are you wondering which planet I come from because you did not know very little about these latest trends for the 2014 season? No problem, your wedding planner will develop with you the key ideas of the moment when it comes to animations, original decorations, custom table plans or fashionable outfits. (And yes, the role of your wedding planner is to offer you originality and trend!)

Be aware that the wedding of our days is staged from A to Z (even the letters of the Chinese alphabet are to consider!), It is an art! The job of organizer is to ensure that everything is ordered and orchestrated to the minute (between the second and quarter of an hour sometimes!) Like a conductor with his musicians.

To conclude!

It should not be forgotten that this is an important event in the life of a young (or less young) couple.

The thing that annoys: Do you say that there is no budget ridiculous or too colossal, because each budget, there will be a solution!

If your budget is small, you can go to a sponsored wedding or have your event organized by a “queen of the arts”. The best wedding planners will be able to get you great discounts with the various providers and to share with you good ideas in decoration.

So, do you still sincerely think that we should neglect the services of a wedding planner?

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