Florists: 5 Tips to Sell More

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The flower shop business doesn’t go out of style. Generation after generation, Mexicans maintain the custom of giving flowers on special dates, such as Mother’s Day, Day of the Dead, Valentine’s Day or birthdays. This is good news for entrepreneurs in the sector: according to data from the Mexican Council of the Flower, the consumption of cut flowers in Mexico reaches $ 10,000 million a year.

Of course the competition is a lot. And not to disappear, a florist has to keep abreast of the latest trends, innovate in its offer and work day by day on the profitability of its operation. The growth formula that experts recommend could be summed up in three words: creativity, technology and service. Here we explain in more detail what it is.

1. Work in your own style

Today you can buy flowers anywhere, from a street stall to a self-service store or an application. To avoid competing on price, it is important that you give a value to your offer; you become the number one choice of customers. That difference can be in the style of your arrangements (for example, have you thought about including candy or fashion accessories?), in the exceptional quality of the service or in the ability to surprise your consumers.

2. Diversify your market

The most traditional florists usually stay focused on their lifelong customers. A typical case is those businesses located near a funeral home, which simply sell crowns and bouquets of very simple flowers. But markets move fast, and we cannot fail to take into account the growth of online sales. Analyze what your current market is, where new trends and opportunities could be, and what you need to do to gain new consumers. Keep in mind that one of the most profitable segments are events, such as weddings, parties or congresses. You can also add new services, such as gardening or landscaping.

3. Refine the operation

Large florists use at least 80 varieties of flowers, and this number represents many challenges regarding inventory management . First, because the cut flowers have a short life, and secondly, because they are delicate products that need special care for storage and transport. That is why it is so important that you have an administration system that allows you to register operations such as sales, purchases, billing and inventory control from anywhere in the store .

4. Give the best customer service

A person who gives flowers is very demanding regarding details such as respect for the place and time of delivery, the status of the arrangement or that the greeting card has the correct information. Be very careful also with the cleanliness, aroma and decoration of the store: storing the flowers in buckets on the floor and having withered arrangements on display will send a bad message to your current or potential consumers. And do not forget to offer different payment options, today there are no excuses for not being able to charge with credit or debit cards.  

5. Stay in permanent communication with your customers

Do not let your florist live only on impulse sales, on the contrary, keep in touch with your most loyal consumers , know what the special dates are in their life and remind them that you are there to help them make the best gift or surprise An important person. To do this, you need to work in a database that includes the name, phone and email of your customers, but also the birthdays and other special dates of your loved ones.

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