Live Music? Aspects to Consider When Hiring a Singapore Wedding Live Band

singapore wedding live band

If you want the dance floor to explode at your marriage party, then live music will be the best option. Write down these tips on everything that involves hiring a band.

As important as choosing the banquet and betting on a correct decoration for marriage, is to select music to set the mood for the party. And is that once they declare the vows, with those beautiful phrases of love chosen especially for that moment, and exchange their gold rings, the guests will want to eat, drink and dance.

Are you sure which music you will choose? Live or just packed? Whatever the style, the truth is that hiring a group will always be a good option, since live music is the best thing to liven up a party. Here you will find everything you need to know to make the best decision.

1. Extra budget

The first thing to take into account is that they will need to disburse money that they might not have considered in the initial budget. They may have to subtract other items, such as wedding ornaments or forget about the candy bar. Therefore, they will have to evaluate the different offers very well and choose the one that best suits your pocket.

2. Also hire a DJ

The orchestra or musical group will surely offer a show of about two or three hours, so they will still need someone to take care of the packaged music. That is, they cannot do without the DJ, no matter how much they hire musicians.

3. A dynamic environment

If you have already decided on this alternative, congratulations, you will not regret it. And it is that live music makes anyone and a band vibrate, be it tropical, pop-rock, eighties or indie will create a much more dynamic atmosphere in marriage. This is because the musicians usually interact with the guests, they can suggest songs to them, they take out dancing women in their blue party dresses and, in general, they give a touch much more on to any celebration.

4. Start the search with time

The groups that specialize in playing in marriages, whether covering or with an original repertoire, usually have the coped agenda as they work mainly on weekends, especially on Saturdays. Therefore, once decided, it is recommended to close the contract as soon as possible , so as not to run out of artists for the day they say “yes, I want”; she, with a simple wedding dress to dance without problems and he, with a casual suit to be as comfortable as possible and enjoy the party.

5. Consider the dimensions of the place

For example, which are all the rage in marriages, are characterized by being composed of numerous members and, in some cases, even include dancers. For this reason, it is essential to take into account whether the number of musicians and the instruments of each one will be accommodated at the venue. On the other hand, they should consider that they may need a place for artists to change their clothes, in addition to catering with food and drink. This last point should always be consulted when checking each of the options.

6. Seek recommendations

If you have never heard the band play live and still have doubts, go to Internet forums where you can find comments from other boyfriends who have hired them before. Thus they will have more background on performance, sound quality and punctuality level, among other relevant aspects. Be careful! Before hiring any supplier, it is essential to quote and try the product, be it the wedding cakes, with a delicious tasting, or ask permission to see how you play the band you want, in a marriage prior to yours. Turn to the references and check in first person the quality of what you are hiring.

7. Do not leave loose ends

Finally, consult the representative of the group everything you can think of in order to be 100% calm with your decision. Ask, for example, if they can improvise songs in their repertoire, if they need to pause between the shows, what is their payment system, if a dressing room needs to be adapted and if they have any other event that same night, among other questions.

They already know it! If you want to throw the house out of the window, hire live music for your marriage knowing all these tips. But, just as there is no party without music, neither will there be without wedding dresses and less, without wedding rings , so start your search in time to enjoy peace of that special day.

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