How to Have the Perfect Wedding Album: Wise Expert Advice!

Wedding photo albums are a necessary part of any wedding photographer’s business. They are not only a way to showcase your work, but also a way to keep the memories of your wedding day alive for years to come. wedding photo albums come in all shapes and sizes, from small and intimate to large and lavish. But no matter what size or style you choose, there are a few things that all wedding photo albums should have.

Wedding photo albums should first and foremost be beautiful. They should be designed to showcase your best work, and to make the bride and groom feel like they are reliving their wedding day every time they flip through the pages. wedding photo albums should also be well-made and durable. After all, they will be looked at and handled often, and you want them to last for years.

When it comes to wedding photo albums, there are many different styles to choose from. But no matter what style you choose, make sure that it is a reflection of your own personal taste and style as a photographer. wedding photo albums are a lasting reminder of your wedding day, so make sure they are perfect.

Do you already know how to get a unique wedding album? Great photographers and industry experts give you the keys you need!

The photo book of your great day must tell the story of the wedding with great detail, with the beauty and love that you felt in those moments. It is important that you essentially capture everything that happened. Couples sometimes because of carelessness or “laziness” do not devote the necessary time to this part of the “post-wedding”. That is why great wedding photographers of the current scene give you the keys to get the perfect wedding album. Aim!

Less is always more

“My advice for a perfect album is that less is more, that not having more photos on the album means that it will be better, but quite the opposite,” Full Frame photographers say .

To create your album is to create a narrative and not a simple container of images, or at least that is what the photographer of M2 Visual Studio thinks. “I like to create books with which couples can enjoy their photographs, which means that the number of photographs is limited (in most cases there is only one photo per page), creating a dialogue with the previous page and the next” he says.

Your album is only yours

Do not get carried away in a hurry and do not choose the photos of the album immediately after the digital files are delivered. As Javier Arroyo says, “the images must rest, because we do not see them with the same eyes the first or the second time we enjoy them when a couple of weeks have passed and we have shown them to our closest families or friends. Those photos that, after seeing them three or four times, continue to excite us the most, are the ones that should undoubtedly be in the wedding album.”

In addition and in regard to your friends and family recommends not to get carried away by the opinions of others. The protagonists are you!

Moments that should not be missing

The departure of the couple, along with the reactions, congratulations, rice and / or petals … All those moments should be included in your album. An idea that the photographer defends is that, as she herself says: “after all the nerves and emotions contained at the beginning of the day, there it is celebrated that you will already be husband and wife and the joy shared by all”. In addition, it is also important that the album collect your complicity. Your first time alone and married!

Don’t forget the details

Throughout the organization, taking into account some things more than others, but planning everything with great care you have worried that nothing will fail. That is why we must give these details the importance they have and that they are reflected in your album.

“I think they look beautiful on the boyfriend’s album, they complement each other perfectly with the groups, the people… And I also think they can be very elegant in the design, apart from that they make us relive why those were your shoes or why that crush on your dress.


It is obvious. Your images should represent you and also remind you of the happiness of that day. “I always recommend to the bride and groom to choose the photos that most convey what they felt that day, to choose those of details, looks, gestures captured without them noticing… Avoiding group photos because they should form a special, different album, very personal. In the end, these photos are almost always inns, less natural”, a photographer who also expresses that even if ten years pass, those photos should convey how your great day was.

The book

Regarding the album, professionals advise you to know all the alternatives, since each one has its advantages and disadvantages. “I advocate the book because it allows editing with 100 pages or more without the final result weighing or bulging too much. It is the perfect solution for the couple to feel like leaving home with their book to show it to everyone” they say.

The different types are: the traditional one with enlarged photos stuck on black cardboard sheets; the digital one, in large photographic paper glued on cardboard that is then sewn by the spine, and the book , offset photo paper , of great quality and many types.

High quality prints

It is ideal for your photographer to work with these types of prints as well as for bookbinding. As they explain from Full Frame, “it is something that has to endure over time.” That is why you must demand quality first.

Beware of offers

Do not be seduced by them. A quality album, made with care, in high resolution paper and with good inks cannot cost the same as other commercial alternatives.

What really matters?

And it is that as Javier Arroyo, wedding photographer himself says, “the perfect wedding album is the one that collects the most special moments of the great day and manages to transport whoever sees it to those moments that he has lived or even makes people who they couldn’t get excited looking at the snapshots” There’s no more!

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