5 Essential Tips for Photographing a Wedding

5 Essential Tips for Photographing a Wedding

In spring the season of weddings, baptisms and communions begins. Whether or not you are a photographer specializing in social reporting, chances are that you will have a number of opportunities to practice this discipline. If you want to have success assured, do not miss these five essential tips to photograph a wedding.

1. Take off your fear

The best thing you can do to be the official photographer of an event as special as a wedding and maintain peace of mind is to pre-teach to those interested a selection of your best photographs of social reporting. Once you have been approved, stay with those that work best to try to repeat that style and try your best to guarantee an even better result.

Remember that now you are the official photographer, so forget about behaving like a guest with a camera and always make a space in the places that guarantee the best shot.

2. Capture the moment

Each ceremony has certain essential moments that you must be able to immortalize in the sensor of your camera. If you are still not very familiar with this type of event, the best thing you can do is to request a script of the ceremony and the most special moments in advance. Make sure you catch them being very attentive and when the occasion arises, fire in a burst, in this way it is easier to register the expressions and with several pictures of the moment you can discard those in which the protagonists do not leave favored. Remember that getting a good picture is very important, but in this discipline, getting people out is as much or more.

Make sure that your camera’s memory cards are up to your burst shot, for this they must be of great capacity and great recording speed; a slow memory card can make you lose many photos.

3. Uses a versatile team

The photographic situations in a social event of this type are very varied, ranging from an angular shot of the bride and groom on the altar, to a close-up where the rings exchange. This will make you need a very complete team, but at the same time fast and light. Most photographers working with full frame cameras opt for 24-70mm zoom lenses that complement longer focal lengths such as 70-200mm.

If you have an APS-C format camera, you can replace the 24-70mm camera with an equivalent focal length of 17-50mm. The most advisable thing is that any of these two zoom lenses be very bright, with a minimum diaphragm 2.8 that allows you to defocus the background very aesthetically and take shots indoors with ambient light. You can also include a fixed focal length in your bag.

4. Do not forget the flash

The flash is an indispensable complement for a wedding photographer. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in an interior you can bounce it against the ceiling , to do this place the camera in manual mode and select a starting value of f / 8 and 1 / 90s, from there adjust the partial power of this to achieve the result you need. Too high ceilings, like that of a church, will be useless for this practice because they are so far away that the light comes back barely without intensity. In this type of buildings and outdoors you will find a flash with TTL mode almost essential. Incorporates a diffuser to your flash to soften the light and make it more friendly.

5. Plasma the joy

Once you have captured the critical moments on your card you can relax a bit and look for more creative approaches that will make your reportage livelier. Try to spontaneously reflect the desire for fun of the couple and the guests. Spend some time with the children and their games, and you will see that they provide you with great photographic moments. When you photograph children, do not always take their height and make a photo from above, with that you will make them look even smaller and funny.

After the ceremony and the banquet you will see that the bride and groom relax a lot between friends that is a great moment to photograph them with their guard down and provide them with hilarious photographs that they will love as a souvenir.

These are our five essential tips for photographing a wedding, with which you will capture the most special moments of this unforgettable day. Do you also put them into practice? Tell us your tricks!

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