How to Choose Your Wedding Videographer?

How to Choose Your Wedding Videographer?

Dear future bride and groom,

Your wedding gets ready little by little and you think to call a videographer to make a nice movie of your big day. How to choose your wedding videographer?

Your wedding planning agency Annabel Law Productions has conducted an interview with, where you can discover 5 tips to help you in your choice of wedding videographer.

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How far in advance do you have to start looking for your wedding videographer?

“Today, you have to do it earlier and earlier. Indeed, wedding videographers were less popular before. But as quality and diversity have increased, demand is now greater. The ideal is to reserve a year in advance, it is at this moment that the calendar of the videographer begins to fill. Brides and grooms can still do it six months in advance, but the choice will be much smaller.” says Erik.

It is not always easy to choose providers. This is why our wedding planning agency in Montpellier can assist you in finding your videographer.

In your opinion, how important is it to have a wedding videographer in addition to the photographer?

According to Erik, it is the bride and groom who could explain why, because everything depends on their wishes.

But in general, the video has something more alive compared to the photo. “On a wedding film, we like to see the guests laugh, move, talk. You can feel the mood of a moment more. One example is the opening of the ball where a particular energy emerges from the video. It also allows remembering different memories of those that can be seen in photo. Being able to hear and see your loved ones on video is important.”

Also, more and more people watch videos especially through social networks, which gives them more desire to achieve.

What are the different types of wedding videography?

There are usually several types of wedding video.

First, there is the “storytelling” of making a movie based on a narrative. It may be a speech recited during the ceremony, or the testimony of a loved one.

Then there’s the wedding clip, which is a long video, usually 10 to 30 minutes, or the story.

For example, Erik makes reports that consist more of taking pictures on the spot, all in a bright style.

Moreover, “there is no specific videography style, it depends on each videographer. Some will make more rhythmic videos, others slower with slow shots. The video can be bright or dark, with a more or less colorful image. Videography cannot be defined as films where there are specific categories. “

What do you think are the key moments to film during the wedding?

Erik explains that there are key moments that are found in most weddings. “For example for the ceremony, what will be important to film is the entry of the groom. Then, the moment he discovers the bride, the consent and the exchange of alliances.”

For the preparations, Erik especially wants to film the interactions between the married couple and their relatives. It is also important for him to capture the guests’ scenes during the reception, for example. Thus, the newlyweds can have pictures of relatives present.

As for the evening, the key moments will be especially the speeches, the opening of the ball or the cake. But what is most important is to film the moments that are important to the bride and groom. Indeed, they can quite define what parts of the day should be filmed.

What is the most important criterion for choosing your Wedding Videographer?

Apart from the fact that the trailer must appeal to the bride and groom, what matters most is to have a good feeling at the meeting. Your videographer will accompany you all day of your wedding and you must feel close so that the experience is total. Indeed, you will share intimate moments during this day. Your wedding videographer is there to capture the emotions of these moments; Erik explains that we should not feel embarrassed in his presence. If you are comfortable, it will feel more on the video and the emotion can be transmitted.

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