Music for Weddings – Choose the Best Option for Your Wedding

Music for Weddings - Choose the Best Option for Your Wedding

Throughout the years we are building the soundtrack of our life, music marks the special moments and there is no doubt that your wedding day will be one of them.

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Organizing a wedding involves making many decisions that will mark one of the most important days of your life: the place of celebration, the decoration, the photos, the food, the music … at a wedding everything adds up to make it a success for the guests, but especially for the couple.

Music is part of our lives; so on such a special day, it is important to take time to choose the music of your wedding. And this is where we come in, we help you find the best musical options for each act of the wedding, take note!

Music for the ceremony

The music of the ceremony, whether a civil wedding or a religious wedding, must be chosen in great detail. The guests will witness your complicit glances while you give the expected “I do” and the music, of course, will also play a very important role at this time.

In the case of civil weddings, you have more options to customize the ceremony to your liking, but in religious ceremonies it is more limited.

A trio or string quartet is a safe bet for any type of ceremony, yes, the repertoire will be broader for civilians.

You can choose from a wide repertoire of classic and modern pieces. Among the favorite topics for ceremonies is Pachelbel’s Canon, Aria de la Suit No. 3 of Bach, Ave Maria de Schubert, and Adagio de Albinoni and, of course, the Bridal March.

The modern repertoire is more appropriate for a civil ceremony, cocktail or banquet. They have adaptations of current songs and mythical soundtracks such as Breakfast with Diamonds, La Vida Bella, Wizard of Oz or La Land. But of all this we already talked to you in our post about tips for hiring trios or string quartets for parties and events.

If you’ve always liked black music and your hair stands on end every time you listen to a gospel choir, you do not have to think much about it. In Singapore we also have gospel choirs that have nothing to envy those of American films. You have it clear, right? A gospel choir is what comes to your finger (and never better said).

We have advice for everything, after reading this article there will be no doubt to hire a gospel choir.

Everyone who has witnessed a wedding with a chorus rociero coincides in the emotion that breathes in the atmosphere when they sing the famous Salve Rociera. Hiring a rociero choir is a very emotional option both to celebrate the rite of marriage and to continue the party at the cocktail party.

A more economical option for ceremonies is to hire a soloist musician such as a violinist, cellist, pianist or guitarist, and if you are thinking of organizing a wedding with few guests it will help to create the intimate atmosphere you are looking for.

The reception of the couple

The Americans will have the Gospel but we have the TUNAS. If we talk about tunas we automatically associate them with celebrations and they are a classic in the weddings of our country. We can hire a tuna to haunt the bride, to leave the church or at the banquet, we can even go back to the request of hand.

If you like Celtic music, and especially for Asturians and Galicians, nothing will excite more guests and boyfriends than a group of pipers waiting for the couple to leave the church. You will achieve the same effect with a group of mariachis for lovers of traditional Mexican music. But this is already a matter of taste; some people prefer the party of a charanga or the rhythm of the batucadas.

Something that civil weddings do not have, is the expected departure from the church of the bride and groom, but the pipers, as well as the tunas or even the charangas are perfect for the reception of the bride and groom at the banquet.

Music for your wedding cocktail

It is one of the most important parts of the wedding, the interval between the ceremony and the banquet, the moment in which families and friends come together, and in most cases they do not know each other. Music will help break the ice at your wedding cocktail.

By now you will know that you have an infinite number of options with which to configure your wedding music. For the cocktail would fit any of the previous proposals. Our advice, in addition to consulting the repertoire, is to ask if they have different pricing packages for weddings, such as hiring music for a ceremony + cocktail, cocktail or ceremony.

You can find more alternatives to liven up the cocktail of your wedding, depending on the taste of the couple or the theme of the wedding.

The jazz groups are perfect for weddings, both to entertain a cocktail and a banquet.

Why? We have told you in other occasions but we repeat it again

Jazz dresses elegance and sophistication any event

It’s a kind of music that favors conversations between guests (quite the opposite of a charanga, for example)

They are musicians and singers of first

An appropriate repertoire that calls romanticism, even more so, a wedding, they play all the jazz styles from the classic standars, bossanova, dixie, swing, current versions in key of jazz…

Adapted to all pockets: you can contract from a voice and instrument duo to the full band

Less in the religious ceremony, we can say that a jazz band fits in any act of the wedding such as the request for a hand, pre-wedding, Civil ceremony, cocktail, wedding banquet, the dance of the couple …

And speaking of romanticism is there something more romantic than a bolero?

The language of love in music translates into a bolero. You can find bolero singers for weddings from here.

Even more intimate if you hire a soloist as a saxophonist, pianist, guitarist or violinist.

The saxophonists are becoming the most demanded musicians in Merry Bees Show; we already talk about this in our tips for hiring saxophonists.

Do you want more gear?

The cocktail is usually quieter than the free bar, but everyone organizes their wedding as they wish. Check out all the categories of music groups announced in Merry Bees Show, you can find groups of rock, rumba, flamenco, Celtic music, reggae … everything!

Music for dancing

The bride and groom will kick off with the traditional bridal dance. Groups of versions and orchestras are the most demanded for weddings. Do you have doubts about what type of group to choose for your wedding dance?

If you like to have a good party with the typical pachangueo music and the best dance music of now and always, hiring an orchestra will be the best choice for your wedding.

And a group of versions?  The orchestras also make versions, it is clear but … what is the difference?

The groups of versions are specialized in a specific theme, genre or decade. You will find groups of versions of all styles of music, for those who like Spanish pop , the international pop rock of all time, funky , soul , music from the 60’s and 70’s …

For smaller budgets you can also enjoy live music with a musical duo or trio. A much demanded option is the djs specialized in weddings, authentic professionals in making all the staff dance.

If the couple is very mythomaniac, surprise them with a tribute band from their favorite band. It can be a good option to combine the performance of a tribute band with an orchestra or DJ to continue the party, since these bands usually have a show that lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

When you are thinking about buying a new car, you investigate before making the final decision. It is a great expense. The same happens with the organization of the wedding, more than the money for what it implies, since it is one of the most important days in the life of a couple. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet to find music for your wedding, we explain how.

Where to find your wedding music

Right here! At Merry Bees Show, the largest online portal for online entertainment contracting in Singapore.

In Merry Bees Show you will find the largest online catalog of artists and groups for weddings: orchestras, groups of versions, tribute bands, jazz groups, gospel choirs, saxophonists, guitarists, violinists…

In your artistic files you have all the information about the shows: photos, videos, audios, requirements, opinions…

It contemplates several options and compares each artist taking into account our recommendations.

Recommendations for hiring music for weddings at Merry Bees Show

Visit the artistic records of the groups and musicians; see all their videos and information about their shows

Read other clients’ opinions

Do not prioritize the price and value more aspects such as quality, professionalism, image, staging, repertoire and trajectory.

If you want to lower costs, look for groups and musicians from the same province as the event.

Prepare a list of questions for groups and musicians such as technical requirements, duration of the show, repertoire, and requests, extra options such as orchestra plus dj or karaoke.

How to contract the music of your wedding in Merry Bees Show

1. Direct contact

In the artistic files you will find contact information of groups and musicians for weddings (phone number, website, social networks). If you choose this option you will save time and commissions, but do not forget to inform the artist that you have found them in Merry Bees Show.

Only artists with a PREMIUM promotion plan will have the direct contact service. You will distinguish them because all their contact information appears on the file.

2. Request music budget for weddings through Merry Bees Show

Without any kind of commitment, filling in this form

Do not forget to provide us with all the information we need to know about the event in order to send you a budget adapted to your needs.

If you wish, an agent of our team specialized in event organization can contact you to resolve all your doubts.