Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Wedding Flowers Fresh Longer

Being able to contemplate a bouquet of fresh flowers at home is more than a gift. But the ideal would be to be able to lengthen its freshness for much longer and thus prolong those moments of absolute beauty. At WeddingChip we give you some tips to keep the attractiveness of this bouquet of flowers for longer. These are some basic tips with which you will be able to extend the freshness of your fresh flowers. The type of flower and the time of year greatly influence our bouquet of flowers to shine in all its splendor on more days. But there is another series of cares that depend on us: follow these express tips, consult the homemade tricks and prepare to remember your bouquet of flowers forever.

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5 Express Tips for Your Flowers as Soon as You Get Home

A beautiful bouquet of flowers has just arrived home. And now that? You would love to keep that moment forever, and immortalize that emotion forever in your heart. To preserve the freshness of your flower bouquet you should focus all your attention on lavishing a few pampering. Take note and apply these five cares to your fresh flowers:

  1. Remove the plastic or paper that wraps your bouquet of fresh flowers.
  2. Cut the stem of each flower diagonally. With a centimeter it will be enough, this way the flowers will have a greater capacity to absorb water.
  3. Choose a glass vase and pour warm water on it.
  4. Try not to leave the leaves submerged in the water. This way you will keep bacteria at bay and your bouquet will be leafy for more days.
  5. Choose a place where the sun’s rays do not enter directly, well lit and cool.

Homemade Tricks to Extend the Life of Your Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

After the first express care, it is time to do a little more to ensure that this wonderful bouquet of flowers retains its beauty and freshness for more days. Take note of these tricks and go applying them. You can see how that splendor lasts for weeks.

  • In general, it is advisable to use warm water for most cut flowers. But in the case of roses or bulb flowers, the best option is cold water.
  • With mineral salts you will extend its freshness . Dissolve two aspirins in warm water. When the mixture is completely cold, add it to the vase of your fresh flowers.
  • To prevent bacteria from proliferating and subtracting beauty from your bouquet, you can add two teaspoons of white vinegar for every liter of water.
  • The sugar also serves as food for flowers. Dissolve two tablespoons in the water change. You will see how your flowers are shown with more vigor.
  • If it is a very hot time, you can vaporize the petals with a little fresh water. Do it about 10 centimeters from the flowers.
  • Make sure that the flowers are not too tight between them. Try to have room for air to circulate. Depending on the size of the vases you choose, it may be best to divide the bouquet of flowers into two vases.
  • In most cases your flowers are accompanied by food for flowers. A sachet to give life to your flowers and extend their beauty. Use it!
  • The change of water is a vital care to prolong the life of your bouquet. Do it at most every three days. If it is daily, your bouquet will thank you.
  • Try to avoid drafts. Avoid that your flower bouquet is close to heating or air conditioning devices.

Tips to Always Remember Your Bouquet of Flowers

With these tips and homemade tricks you will be able to enjoy your bouquet of fresh flowers for a longer time. But since miracles do not exist, after a few weeks, your bouquet will begin to show signs of less freshness. Before that happens, we encourage you to capture the beauty of your flowers and remember them with emotion forever:

Bouquet of Flowers
  • Take photos of your flowers and share those images with whoever you want.
  • Contemplate snapshots from time to time. Select and print the photos of your flowers to decorate the walls of your house. You will be inspired just by looking at them.
  • Give flowers and spread the excitement of giving and receiving fresh flowers.

And remember, on a special occasion , the best gift is to receive a bouquet of fresh flowers at home. With these tips, tricks and tips, fresh flowers will bring color and joy to any space for weeks.

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