8 Ideas For An Interactive And Fun Wedding

How to make a wedding interactive and fun? How to involve guests on the wedding day?

They are doubts that often haunt future spouses, that’s why I decided to give you some ideas!

During the wedding it is essential to create ideas for interaction between the spouses and guests , the interaction will be one of the reasons why the wedding will be remembered.

Making your wedding fun will not necessarily be expensive, on the contrary, creative brides who love DIY can really indulge themselves!

Looking for a sample wedding reception program? Check out our guideline on the site!

1. The guestbook

Organize a fun guestbook: from polaroids to puzzles there are many ideas to make the ice break among the wedding guests.

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interactive and fun wedding

2. Activities while waiting for the spouses

While the guests are waiting for your arrival, it might be nice to leave them some conversation : for how long have you known the bride and where did you meet her?

Or have the guests fill out tips for a happy couple’s life!

interactive and fun wedding

With this system you could also organize the creation of time capsules which will then be opened during the wedding anniversaries.

interactive and fun wedding

3. Signs

Communicate with your guests through signs with useful and nice indications.

interactive and fun wedding

4. The photobooth

It is the interactive corner of the wedding par excellence. Organize it in every detail!

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interactive and fun wedding

5. Games

The ball remains on the top of the entertainment but can introduce variants offering of games suitable for adults and children, organizing maybe brief challenges.

interactive and fun wedding

6. Social Media

Encourage the use of social networks to share the most beautiful moments of the wedding by creating a hashtag dedicated to your day

interactive and fun wedding

7. Wedding Camera

Insert the wedding rooms for your guests in the wedding bag, or place them directly on the refreshment tables. This way you can keep all the photos they took on non-digital media!

interactive and fun wedding

8. Greetings

End your reception with a special greeting that includes all guests: you can decide, for example, to launch flying lanterns or bright balloons together with the guests!

interactive and fun wedding