The Mystical Magic of Nine Yards

Unleash the mystical magic of nine yards! Embrace elegance and tradition with stunning sarees. Shop now! #IndianElegance #SareeMagic

Ethnic wear never fails to leave an impact be it sherwanis, bandgalas, lehenga cholis, churidars or other garments that speak out loud and clear the essence of traditional India. Whether the occasion is casual or formal, you can get traditional ethnic wear for all. It especially makes one look at their ethnic best when the occasions are weddings or festivals or pujas.  

But what you think looks the classiest of all…that’s right, it is the nine yard long fabric that has taken the whole world in its loop.

Saree is the most elegant outfit that has a story of its own to tell. It can be the most colorful outfit in your wardrobe or as plain as it can get but sarees have the power in them to be kind of perfect, suiting any and all occasions. The best part about sarees is that the variety you get is simply awesome as there is not a fabric or print you will not get in this category.

Are prints your calling or is it embroidery or bold colors or beautiful fabrics or contemporary or traditional designs, whatever your style, sarees can be the perfect canvas to bring your style to the fore front.

Fashion is always evolving and with new trends hitting the fashion scene sarees cannot be left behind. Designers have left no stones unturned to give the traditional ethnic wear a modern twist to appeal to the younger audience who find sarees a little difficult to carry. Agreed, it is not easy to wear and needs a little effort but sarees without doubt looks good on almost all women no matter their age, frame or size.

Casual sarees have found a place in younger women’s wardrobes largely because of the designer twist to them. Beautiful bold colors in striking patterns in light fabrics that not only are easy to carry but gives a definition to a woman’s figure, making it a preferred wear for younger generation especially at proms, graduation ceremony, friend’s wedding, offices or even at home.

Designer sarees or Bollywood inspired sarees have really made their presence felt as more and more women in the younger age group are opting sarees especially when it comes to traditional festivals or weddings.

Prints have been in use in the fashion industry since times immemorial and printed sarees look beautiful and is a hit amongst not only Indian women but women around the globe. That’s true, sarees have captured the imagination and inspiration of fashion designers all over the world, giving sarees a global platform. Besides prints, hand embroidery work is also very popular in sarees that too by craftsmen who specialize in traditional artwork from different parts of the country. It not only gives a saree a great design but keeps the traditional handiwork of rural India alive and kicking.

Bollywood inspired sarees are replicated for women who love their celebrity styles and enjoy wearing it to the T. Fashion designers design beautiful sarees that are worn by celebrities and these designs are replicated for the masses to give them similar looks.

Traditional silk sarees are always in fashion be it Benarasi, Mysore, Tussar or others as Chanderi silk sarees looks amazing and gives a rich look. They are an epitome of style that can look graceful or sexy depending on the way you carry it.

Maheshwari or Chanderi sarees also come under the traditional tag but designers fascinated by these fabrics have given them too a designer twist so it has started appealing to a wider audience. The beautiful bright colors, the textures, the amalgamation of other natural fabrics with them have made traditional sarees with a modern twist a much loved attire.

Besides the regular sarees, designers have come up with sarees in different concept making it easier for women to wear them without fretting over the drape. Lehenga sarees, drape sarees, semi stitched sarees are some of the styles that give the look of a saree but are easy to wear.

The charisma that a saree exudes makes it popular amongst women from 17 to 70. Saree is a sure shot attire to give you a royal look that enhances the curves of the Indian women making them look their best.

Shopping for sarees have become more popular and convenient with the advent of online shopping as web stores around the web offers sarees in different styles to suit different occasions in diverse budget ranges.