10 Tips to Choose Your Wedding Photographer and Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

10 Tips to Choose Your Wedding Photographer and Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

1. Sorting Among Wedding Photographers

First of 10 tips, check out his website. Indeed, you want to hire someone creative and professional, a photographer is primarily an artist. His website must reflect his visual identity and his work. If you come across a page worthy of prehistory or a showcase worthy of a Christmas store, do not hesitate a long time and run away!

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2. Trust a Professional Photographer

This may seem obvious, but check that it is a professional. Thanks to Google, you can quickly verify that this person has a SIRET number or that his business is registered. You will have the confidence and the serenity that will not be able to bring you a photographer of Sunday or an amateur. What will you do if your photographer drops you 1 week before for the wedding of his new sister-in-law? It is also that, to be professional.

3. See Photos of a Complete Wedding Report

Did you like the first pictures you saw? All right, it makes you want to go further and you’re right. You should not be limited to this first impression, ask him more, for example that he shows you the entirety of one or more wedding report (s) that he has recently covered. This will give you a better idea of ​​what you can do and what you can expect if it were you in the photos. You can also ask him if he made the photos recently and if he was helped by an assistant for example.

4. See the Opinions of Previous Customers

Tips: Take a look at the social networks and main sites of wedding providers (such as Zankyou or Weddings.net) to check their presence. Your photographer is an artist who exposes and promotes his work on various platforms and social networks in addition to his website. Check his popularity, notoriety and the comments of his previous customers! Opinions are good clues to get a first idea before contacting him!

5. A Wedding Photographer Listens to You

Communicate! It is important to talk to your photographer in person, to have him on the phone, but also, if possible, to meet him over coffee before making your decision. A good photographer is above all for your listening. He is there to understand and feel your needs, and then he will present his work and can answer your questions. A photographer who monopolizes the floor during an interview will probably not be listening to you on the day of your wedding. You do not want to see the day that it does not hold the road … So before signing think to discuss together!

6. A Photographer with Whom You Are Comfortable

Operate with affinity! And yes, you will still spend a good part of the most important day of your life with him… so it’s important to have a good feeling with your wedding photographer so that the day he knows how to accompany you and to put you in confidence. If the current does not pass at the first meeting around a coffee, there is a lot of luck so that it becomes complicated on the day of your wedding and you are not comfortable. And that will be seen in the photos.

7. Sign a Wedding Photo Report Contract

Sign a wedding photo contract. It’s more than a piece of advice, it’s very important because it involves both parties: your professional photographer will not let you down at the last moment for another more expensive wedding, he is committed to accompany you until the day J and to be present to personally provide photographs of your wedding. The contract also allows you to define all the little details that could ruin your life after the fact. Some married couples are still waiting to see their pictures for months after their wedding, but if no delivery date has been specified, they can not really do much.

8. A Cheap Wedding Photographer

Find a wedding photographer cheap … it’s good, and it’s quite easy thanks to the internet. There are photographers at all rates, from € 200 to € 5000. But do you say that the price of a photographer does not say everything. Are you really sure that it is cheap? Is it really a professional photographer hiding behind these rates? What is his experience? Additional fees that you will not be able to anticipate can be hidden: if you only deliver 50 photos in one day, it will certainly charge you additional photos at a golden price! So check what is included in his performance. Conversely, pay only for what you need, a photographer with very high prices is not necessarily better photographer than another, can be it simply more notoriety.

9. A Photographer Is an Artist First and Foremost

So work at the heart stroke! It is very important to take a photographer who has a style, a leg, a way of framing and taking pictures that speaks to you and which you like. This is his way of working, and of course he will reproduce photos of your own wedding that will please you and satisfy you. There is nothing worse than bland, featureless photos that do not speak to you. Especially for a day as important as your wedding day! Hire a photographer whose work you like and talk to you is really important and it’s one of the basic tips.

10. Find another Photographer than Those Present at the Wedding Show

Do not limit yourself to the photographers present at the wedding fairs! Just because your photographer is paying for an ad in a specialized catalog or investing in a wedding lounge location is not the best in the area or it’s the one for you! Nowadays there are many providers and many ways to find them, including using Google. Take the time to consult the windows of the websites of several photographers before you decide.