6 Benefits to DIY Wedding Flowers Over Traditional Florists

When planning your wedding, you’ve got plenty of issues on your mind. Along with finding the right venue, choosing the perfect wedding dress, and finalizing the guest list, you’ll also be busy trying to determine which flowers will best fit your wedding plans. While most brides make their way to their local florist for their flowers, they often find out this can lead to more problems than they anticipated. Not only are flowers from traditional florists usually very expensive, but delivery can also be a hassle, with some weddings having the wrong flowers delivered on the big day. Along with these reasons, flowers from a traditional florist may sometimes be of poor quality, and the selection may be limited.

If you’re hoping to avoid these and other problems related to your wedding flowers, consider joining other brides in the trend of DIY wedding flowers. The perfect way to ensure you’ll get high-quality flowers that will make your special day even more beautiful, here are six benefits DIY wedding flowers have over traditional florists.

Win a $100 Gift Card

When you’re looking for DIY bridal bouquets, there’s nothing better than winning a gift card along the way. But if you get your wedding bouquets online, you’ll be in the running to win a $100 gift card courtesy of American Express. While it can be fun getting together with your family and friends to look at and choose the best flowers for your walk down the aisle, it can also be fun thinking about what you can do with the $100 you may win. To enter, simply submit pictures of your flowers taken by a professional photographer, showcasing your flowers in all their beauty. Do so by emailing your photos or posting a review, then sit back and hope you win the grand prize.

Save Your Money

When you choose to purchase wedding bouquets online, one of the biggest benefits is saving plenty of money. By becoming your own personal florist, you can get just the flowers you need to create corsages, centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres that cost only a small fraction of what you would pay a traditional florist. So if you’re interested in designing your DIY bridal bouquets, forego the trip to the traditional florist and instead look online.

Tailor Your Flowers to Your Personal Taste

Rather than using flowers that don’t reflect your personal taste, choose DIY wedding flowers that can have the colors and textures that best reflect the look you want for your special day. With hundreds of different options from which to choose, chances are you’ll find your dream flowers that are beautiful yet trendy.


While for years and years paying a visit to your local traditional florist was part of any bride’s wedding planning itinerary, today’s world of weddings has slanted much more toward DIY. In part, this is due to recent trends in whimsical bouquets and arrangements, which focus on uneven lines and shapes. This is particularly evident in bouquets, where lilies and ranunculus are always popular. For many weddings today, going with a rustic look is very popular. When it comes to centerpieces at these weddings, many couples choose to simply toss some beautiful wildflowers into a mason jar, giving it a simple yet romantic feel.

The Selection is Great

While it may seem as if a traditional florist will have a large selection, that’s often not the case. Rather than be limited to your selection, choose DIY flowers for your wedding and you’ll be captivated by the number of flowers you can mix and match to find the perfect arrangements. And don’t worry about not being able to come up with ideas for your arrangements, since you’ll have access to bloom consultants that can offer expert advice and suggestions that fit your wedding plans as well as your budget.

Spending Time With Family and Friends

While there are many benefits to choosing your wedding flowers the DIY way, perhaps the best one of all is having the chance to spend time with family and friends while working on your flower arrangements. Whether it’s spending an afternoon with your future mother-in-law and bridesmaids having a flower-arranging party, or sitting down with your mom to discuss bouquets and centerpieces, using DIY flowers is a great way to strengthen old relationships and forge new ones that will be part of your life for many decades.

When it comes to finding new and exciting ways to make your wedding day special, choosing DIY flowers is a fantastic option. Offering a great way to save money while letting you choose from a much wider selection that you would have with a traditional florist, there’s no doubt that no matter what type of wedding you’re planning, DIY flowers will make your special day even better.

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