Why Hire an Acoustic Band or Roaming Band for a Wedding?

Acoustic Band

In this blog, we will take a look at acoustic bands and why they are becoming increasingly popular, especially for wedding entertainment. There are plenty of great solo acoustic wedding artists that perform songs from the likes of Ed Sheeran and Ben Harper for instance. But you can hire an acoustic band as a duo, trio or up to 4-piece and sometimes more to create a bigger and better sound.

Below we have listed some advantages of hiring an acoustic band for your wedding day.

Sound Limiters

Sound limiters or noise a limiter is a device fitted at a venue that measures the level of noise in decibels. When the pre-set level is reached the sound limiter will cut off the supply to the bands equipment which may cause damage to their PA.

There is a visual indicator on the limiter that works on a “traffic light” system:

Green means there is no problem.

Amber means sound levels are approaching the maximum limit.

Red means it has been breached.

If the light stays on red for just a few seconds, then the sound limiter will cut off the power.

Most limiters are set between 85-95 decibels but vary from one venue to another. Reasons for a limiter having to be fitted are mainly the location or from neighbours complaining about the noise.

The advantage of hiring an acoustic band is that they should not be affected by a limiter as they play unplugged or with low amplification.

Acoustic Bands are Extremely Flexible

Acoustic bands are very flexible, and do not take a long time to set up, and can work in smaller spaces. They also have a vast repertoire of music in their arsenal covering many genres throughout the decades. Whether you are looking for a chilled-out vibe for some background music or even songs you can dance to, an acoustic band can provide just the feel and vibe you are looking for.

A typical acoustic band set-up could be a singer, acoustic guitarist, Cajon, and bass player, but there are many other acoustic instruments like a saxophone, banjo, or digital piano that can be added.

Whatever the event, an acoustic band is a great option, from drinks receptions to evening entertainment for any wedding occasion.

Acoustic Roaming Bands

Roaming bands are ideal for outdoor wedding receptions as they are free to roam around mixing with your guests and singing songs everyone can dance to and sing along with. A roaming band will perform unplugged, so there are no wires to trip over and get in the way of their performance. A roaming band have a quick set-up time as there is no need for sound checks and setting up all the equipment. This means they are good to go in no time at all.

These bands are also known as wandering musicians, roving bands or strolling bands.

Popular instruments for roaming bands are acoustic guitars, snare drum, double bass, and saxophone.

How about hiring a roaming Mariachi band? These bands became popular thanks to the Doritos advert and are now in high demand for weddings and garden parties. Typical instruments for a Mariachi band are Guitarrón, Vihuela Mexicana, Harp, Guitar, Violin, and Trumpet.

Roaming bands don’t stop there, you could hire a brass band with instruments such as trombones, trumpets, saxophones, sousaphones and drums.

Acoustic Duos

Your typical acoustic duo would be a vocalist and acoustic guitarist or a pianist. Other popular duos are two acoustic guitarists or guitarist and a percussionist or maybe a saxophonist. Acoustic duos are a great choice for a wedding as they can be set up quickly and can cover all aspects of our wedding day.

These are just a few of the options for acoustic bands that you may find helpful in your search.