Weddings Shows

If it seemed like an original idea to hire a show cooking for your wedding, don’t miss this blog to find out more fun shows that will make your marriage a unique and very special event.

Abra Cadabra

You have the opportunity to surprise the guests by hiring a fun magic show.

If you are looking for an unconventional idea that will destroy and turn your wedding into a different event, bet on this type of show.

You choose the duration of the show between 1 to 3 hours of magic among your guests. The magician will offer you a magic show preparing a small stage in the room or magic tricks on the tables.

With incredible dexterity he will leave everyone speechless with card tricks and other current ones. It will create a fun and close atmosphere. Who does not like magic tricks? and it is that they make us feel like children again. Hit the ground running with this memorable wedding show.

A karaoke

Everyone will end up dancing at your wedding if you put on karaoke.

Your guests will be able to sing the most popular songs at karaoke. Those songs that make your hips move.

Make sure that the party does not end and that your guests do not stay wanting more, with this great idea. The couple will have to start karaoke singing a fun song in duet that encourages all the guests to participate.

You can prepare this song with your partner and organize a small choreography to surprise the audience.


We know sparklers at weddings, but take this idea further with spectacular fireworks. Fireworks are always related to parties and we enjoy their roar and cheerful colors on special occasions. Why not at your wedding?

You will also have some magical photographs that will remind you of that special wedding.

Dance shows

Dancing is a must at a wedding and you can make your wedding party go big by hiring a professional dance group.

Everyone is encouraged to dance following the dance group steps: salsa, bachatas, hip hop and the style that you like the most.

Your guests will have a great time following the steps of the choreography prepared by this dance group and this idea will encourage them to dance at your wedding.

Did you know…? In addition, these dance groups pose as waiters, making the guests think that they will serve them a straw before the open bar and leave everyone astonished when they start their dance.


If you are looking for a show that does not go unnoticed, some jugglers never fail.

You can hire some jugglers to do different stunts either with fire, light play or stilts.

You must bear in mind that this show, for safety, can only be performed in a wide area and outdoors. In their numbers with fire they use an ecological fuel so that the air is clean, respecting safety measures.

Make a difference with a show at your wedding for adults and children.

For your dance party we have the perfect accessories. Some fun details for your wedding party!