Wedding Photographer: 8 Things That Can Happen If You Do Not Have a Pro!

Tons and tons of articles have been written (and by us too) on the importance of reserving as soon as possible a professional photographer to immortalize one of the most beautiful days of his life: his wedding!

But what if we stood on the other side of the mirror? What can happen if you do not have a real wedding photographer? Be careful you risk making nightmares…

What can happen if you do not have a real wedding photographer?

1. Your designated photographer has an unforeseen; she or he does not come, or is late

And this happens after all! Except that she or he will have no plan B to offer you. This is one of the often forgotten advantages of choosing to trust a professional photographer: in case of a glitch, he or she will call on a sister colleague to replace him / her.

2. Your designated photographer will not enjoy the day

It’s a shame to invite someone who will remember your wedding only through its purpose! If your non-pro photographer is also stressed by the role you gave him, then he or she will put too much pressure on you to enjoy the day.

3. Bad profile, closed eye & parsley between teeth

This is the first risk: as it is not a pro, the photos are not necessarily going to be flattering… A photographer pro knows your best profile, because most of the time, he did a session with you commitment!

4. You will miss the essential photos!

More and more, brides and grooms are asking for report style photos, not asked. But you will not resist the urge to take pictures with your old friends from college, or with your colleagues! Group photos, you must know how to take them, and especially well organize! Only a professional photographer will know how to do it. The pictures of the exchange of alliances, your entry into the Church, your first dance … All these photos are essential for a good wedding report, but an amateur photographer will not necessarily have in mind all these Mandatory “steps”!

5. “Hey, are you taking a picture?” – You will only think of that!

Because basically, you know that your designated photographer is not going to know where to turn, you will want to give him ceaselessly!

6. “Yes it’s a little dark … at the same time it’s a church, huh!”

Wrong answer! (Also works with “But what is this task of light? – The flash …”) A professional photographer will always have the technique to make the photos beautiful and bright! Whether by changing the settings of its true PRO device, using a real flash, post-processing…

7. “Why do I feel that none of my friends were at this wedding?”

Just like a pro photographer knows by heart the steps of a wedding day, she knows he must shoot everyone! And not only those we know🙂

8. “We make a shared folder?”

Imagine: it has been more than a year since you started your wedding. Between announcements, the room, the caterer, the DJ… That’s it, it’s over! You will be able to calmly look at your photos to relive this wonderful day! Not so fast … first you have to find a good system to share the photos, and then wait hours for the download … In short, your professional photographer would have had the time to post-process the photos, and send you a link to an online gallery! And most often, without storage time limit!

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