Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Album Photos

The photo album becomes a precious treasure as the months go by after the wedding. That is why it is very important to select the photos that appear in it well. Here are some tips to make the task easier.

Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Album Photos

The photographic report is the palpable memory of your wedding and the Wedding photoalbum will be the book that you will surely have in your hands the most times. Many couples find it difficult to choose the photos that will compose it and they are usually afraid of being wrong.

Wedding Album Photos

What you probably have to decide at first is whether only you and your great moments of the day will appear in the album, or if you are also going to include family photos and the banquet or dance. Some couples prefer to appear alone and others point out that since they are going to teach it a lot, they prefer that their relatives also appear.

In some cases, it is the photographer himself who selects the best photos and mockups the album so that you can later see it and make the appropriate changes. Others will tell you the number of photos they need you to select, and it will be you who will provide the final images. We recommend that if you have a preference between the two, you let your photographer know from the beginning.

select the photos yourself

If you are going to select the photos yourself, here are some guidelines that will help you decide on one over another:

  • Select the photos together and agree to decide which are the best for both of you. Help each other’s opinion in the photos in which you appear alone.
  • If you have been told a number of pages, divide them by moments of the wedding and calculate how many photos of each moment you want to include . In this way you can make a selection by parts and we will be so overwhelmed by a very large number.
  • There may be a photo that you prefer to look larger or more prominent for any reason. In that case, let the photographer know so that they can take it into account in the layout.
  • There are many couples who decide to make an album on their own in which to include either the family photos, the banquet and the dance that they have not included in the main album , or to put photos that they love but for whatever reason ( usually due to space) they had no place in what the photographer made them.
  • Do not lose sight of the fact that you will have a DVD with all the photos to be able to make special albums for your close relatives, for friends or for the whim of having more photos in that format. If you think about this point, a lot of that tension over the choice of photos will disappear.