Showcooking Weddings

You don’t know what showcooking at weddings consists of? What is promised is a debt and today I want to tell you what this great ideal consists of. The guests have a great time with this catering and if you decide to hire this show at your wedding, it will be the most talked about.

Show Cooking

What is showcooking and what does it consist of?

Starting from organizing a different, fun wedding that everyone remembers, a showcooking is the perfect banquet.

This new banquet consists of a fun show in which the chef cooks his best recipes in front of the guests. Everyone will be able to see how the banquet dishes are cooked.

We love cooking shows and being able to see great chefs “red-handed”, impatiently waiting for the result of the recipe and its presentation, even more so at your wedding!

Your guests will start to whet their appetites just by smelling and seeing the mixture of ingredients and they will be eager to bite into those delicious dishes.

An advantage is also that you can see at all times the quality of the product, hygiene when handling food and cleanliness in the kitchen.

How does it work?

This great show will start during the entrees. The chef will cook the main dishes for the guests live, while they enjoy delicious appetizers.

The different catering companies that offer this show will propose you different dishes and if you prefer that the chef cook before all the desserts, it is also possible. You choose between gourmet appetizers, main courses and desserts.

In addition, the chef will comment at all times on the steps he follows to prepare the recipe and may even involve the guests in the finishing and presentation of each recipe, allowing your guests to finish the decoration of the dish.

Surely the “cooks” of the family love being able to participate in this fun show. As if it were a cooking class. A gastronomic experience that you will not forget!

These catering companies are also in charge of the decoration and the staging is very important in this show. Flowers, flags, original tableware and everything you need to attract the attention of your guests.

What dishes to prepare?

It will depend on your choice and the moment in which you want this show to start: During the appetizers, have the chef cook the main dishes or finish the banquet with the dessert prepared before your eyes. Salty or sweet?

From delicatessen appetizers, sushi, rice, meat, canapés, wok, octopus, pasta and a wide variety of dishes. More than one will want to help the chef and write down the recipe.

Do not miss including this special show in your wedding, you will enjoy with your guests and leave everyone speechless.

Tell us your experience if you have had this showcooking at your wedding or if you have attended a wedding with this original idea.

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