Our 7 Tips for Successful Photo Booth

Our 7 Tips for Successful Photo Booth

Renting a photo booth for your wedding must guarantee you quality memories. There are several things to check before committing yourself.

1. Quality – Quality – Quality

The first point is to check that the shooting is done with a camera; NO WEBCAM … Indeed a real camera ensures good quality photos and possible reuse in digital or printing.

A flash and no continuous light is the guarantee to freeze photos and avoid blur … it also guarantees your guests to know when the photo will be taken.

A thermal sublimation printer … OK it’s a bit technical, but to have a dry photo 20 seconds after the shooting and durable in time, it’s the only solution … No inkjet printer…

2. Open or close the Photo booth?

Without hesitation open, closed booth photos are to be reserved for passport. An open booth photo gives you the guarantee of being able to be 2 or 10 or more on a photo (OK, it will have to tighten a little, but it comes back …). Most often, closed booth photos allow a photo of the heads only. An open camera will allow more inventive shots and leave your guests all the possibilities to make you surprises (a mini photo novel is possible …). SoCal Photo Booth Service provides a 5 star rated mobile temecula photo booth rental services for any special event. 

3. And with that what is understood?

Three hours, four hours … it’s too short to have fun, all evening … Prefer the offers that allow use throughout the evening.

The disguise accessories … the little sticks it’s nice … but real disguises (hats, glasses, accessories …) make the evening more crazy.

The impressions, unlimited! Really? An evening of photo booth can be 1000 photos taken 500 impressions. So focus on unlimited offers.

The online gallery for your guests is absolutely necessary so that they can review their photos, download them and enjoy them.

4. Implementation

In photo booth there is photo. So make sure the person who hires you the photo booth is an informed photographer. A trick to detect a real photographer… talk to him about white balance, if a big white follower follows your question.

Your provider should have planned to put a background behind your guests. A background will avoid seeing on your photos a door, a wall, or other guests who pass in the background. 

The flash included in the box, will it adapt to the ambient light or will you have to make the settings yourself?

5. Customizing photos

Check that your provider is listening to you and offers you a real photo customization. You want 1,2,3,4 photos on your photos, you want them in tape (as in the old photo booth) or on the contrary on a format 10X15cm or larger? A true professional will be able to meet all these expectations.

6. Professionalism

Do you have to do to a real professional or an amateur? Check first that it is assured, in fact, the equipment if it is knocked down can hurt someone, and a short circuit can be caused. This will be your responsibility if the installer is not insured. It is also necessary to check if your marriage will not be the test marriage for that person, in clear has she already realized benefits?

7. And after your event

Remember that these photos are yours so you do not have to pay to recover them. Generally the provider will give them to USB key or via a download platform. In addition it is today more and more provided in the benefits of providing guests an online gallery where they can find their photos.