Organize your Photo Booth

Organize your Photo Booth

Looking for a FUN activity to liven up the reception and the wedding party? Organize a photo booth is for sure THE good idea!!

Let’s reaffirm the essential:  when we talk about photo booth, we do not talk about the material used. In reality, a photo booth is ZE place To Be, arranged and decorated by you. Your guests can take pictures alone or with others with funny accessories.

Temecula Photo Booth Rental – Temecula Wedding Photographer

Temecula Photo Booth Rental, California. Top 5 reasons why a photo booth can make a Temecula wedding awesome!

Choosing to organize a photo booth to liven up your wedding is a very good idea for at least 4 good reasons:

  1. simple to implement
  2. fun activity that appeals to all generations
  3. unique since you decide on the decoration and accessories
  4. memories – and especially photos – as improbable as imperishable !! When you look at the pictures, remember one thing: “we have the friends we deserve”

How to organize a photo booth that tears ALL??

The first step: you have to define the budget that you want to devote to it. As always, the nerve of war! Then, depending on your budget, you can choose the material.

There are mainly 3 categories of photo booth:

  1. the ‘traditional’ photo booth also called photo booth
  2. The instant camera
  3. The photo booth

Each type of photo booth has advantages and disadvantages:

  • For the photo booth, the main drawback is the space: it will be necessary to accommodate your guests and this is sometimes a challenge if they are numerous. In terms of decoration, note that you will also be a little limited
  • The main advantage of the Snapshot is the implementation super simple: you put the camera on the table of your photo corner and voila! The problem is the price of dandruff. It takes between 1.5 & 2 € per photo. If you want each of your 180 guests to leave you a memory, I let you do the math. It also happens that the camera is abandoned or forgotten on a table and that in the end you have very few pictures 🙁
  • The photo terminal is a reflex camera mounted on a tripod. Your guests trigger the device themselves with a remote control. This gives you more flexibility in terms of equipment, decor and budget. Personally, this is the solution that I recommend.

How much does it cost to rent a photo booth?

I would answer that it depends…

  • the time you want to enjoy it: from 2 hours to several days
  • options: digital album, live printing, number of prints, delivery, installation and dismantling done by a technician, etc.

The rental rates of a photo booth vary between 250 € and can reach 800 €.

Your finances are meager, but you have time? In this case no doubt, go for the DIY! There are many tutorials on the internet that will allow you to make your own photo terminal with your own camera.

You do not have a minute to you? Ask a photo booth specialist. To rent your photo booth from an expert, I invite you to talk to your photographer first. If he does not offer this service, he will recommend a trustworthy photo booth!

How to arrange your photo booth?

This is all the interest: imagine the decoration to your image!

Most often, you choose to decorate the space with the colors of your event. You can just as easily choose a deco completely offset from the theme of your wedding. For example, you are getting married in winter and you have chosen white and pastel colors. In this case, why not develop your photo booth on the theme “tropical island”? The sun, a palm tree, 2 inflatable buoys, sunglasses, beach towels, swimsuits, cocktail glasses … ok, ok, I get carried away. :))

Do not forget the signs to tell your guests the way to join YOUR photo booth!!

On the deco side, look for inspiration on Pinterest. You will find a lot of ideas that will inspire you :). I made my little market for you:

What accessories for your photo booth?

Accessories are essential to succeed your photo booth.

You have to make available to your guests funny accessories. Go beyond the traditional pair of glasses and hats! Think old frames, disguises, wigs. They are all the rage and it is not uncommon to find them dancing on the dance floor.

You can also imagine improbable accessories: a colander, a little pony, etc… I leave you the pleasure to complete this list: have fun!

My expert advice to succeed your photo booth

Finally, in exclusivity, I give you the Tip with a big A for ALL your guests to fully enjoy your photo booth. It’s the photo booth that speaks what I’m going to tell you have really happened…

Keep an eye on the kids!!!! Channel their enthusiasm if you want ALL your guests to take pictures. Accompany them (or have them accompany them) by an adult. Explain to them how it works and take some pictures with them. And most importantly, consider setting limits early: 2-3 photos per child for example.

Why am I telling you this? it is not uncommon that when your guests – the grown-ups – finally arrive at the photo booth, ready to let go of the lens, there are no more printouts available. The photo booth has been a victim of its success. The 250 impressions you had planned for the whole evening flew in 1 hour! While the adults talk and cool off, the kids are having a blast.