Linen Beach Wedding Attire for Men and Boys

Linen Beach Wedding Attire for Men and Boys

Planning a wedding can be both tedious and fun. From drawing up the budget, travel plans and guest lists to choosing a date and location, couples usually have a full plate. And, then, there is the small problem of what to wear on the big day. Beach-themed weddings and so-called destination beach weddings – on an actual beach somewhere tropical or in the summer, somewhere temperate – aren’t free from the rigors of planning especially when it comes to what to wear.

So, you’ve decided on an amazing dress. Maybe floaty bohemian style attire or a flowing white chiffon or maybe it’s a knee-length sundress. When picking a style, it is important that you consider dresses that complement what the men put on, as well as the scenery. You shouldn’t be dressed more formally than the guys, or underdressed. You shouldn’t be in a high neck silk dress in the summer. Men Beach Wedding Vests should complement in style and color. Here is a guideline to help you succeed in choosing perfect linen attires for men.

Linen breathes

Weddings on the beach in the summer or in the dry season in the tropics usually present one of two challenges: Beating the heat or combating sea breeze. Choosing light, airy, breathable attires is vital to enjoying the weather as much as the wedding. Linen is the foremost choice in this regard. You won’t be more comfortable in any other fabric. So, which linen Attire for Beach Wedding Clothes for Men should you go for? What styles will make the boys look handsome and comfortable? Here are some tips.

Linen shirts

Pretty much any long-sleeved Linen Shirts for Beach Wedding will do. You have to take care, though, to go for pastel colors. White is great and is easily the first choice. Be that as it may, you could also go for a simple, pale blue or pink button-up shirt to blend with the weather, suit color, as well as your dress. They could either go with carefully chosen ties in the case of cooler temperature or they could be open, unbuttoned at the first two buttons. There is also something to be said about print or pattern shirts. The rolled-sleeve unbuttoned look with suspenders is an example of the summary, relaxed effect.

Light shade suits

Perfectly tailored suits in light shades are great for a beach wedding. Light gray or brown two-button suits meld nicely with the cool, understated pastels of the chosen shirt. Pinstripe suits could complete a luxurious look. And, there is always something to be said for the ubiquitous navy blue. All the more so, if you opt for a nautical feels to complement the scenery. You could go for the preppy look if your wedding reception isn’t held in the same location. Tight fitting suit styles should be carefully chosen. The roomier, the better.

Shoes, hats, ties and accessories

Once you have chosen the shirt and suit styles, it’s time to determine how to accessorize. This can be done in several ways. Slip-on shoes, espadrilles for example and sandals are better than flip flops for that laid back look. Bright colored pocket squares and ties may complete a suave look.

The same goes for hats: Porkpies, fedoras, and trilbies are great for an iconic, scenic choice. These accessories complement the lightweight, unconstructed, light shade fabrics you choose to complement your dress style. So as you decide on which dress style fits the most, you’ll do well to keep in mind the groom and the groomsmen, as well as the location and the weather forecast for your chosen date. All these are not attire for women.