Intimate Weddings

If you have decided to celebrate an intimate wedding, don’t miss this blog to organize an emotional wedding, full of surprises, original and fun.

Before giving the big news that you are getting married, you must decide the number of guests you want to attend the great ceremony, within your possibilities and according to the budget you want to allocate to the event.

IF you are clear that you want to celebrate that great event with your closest family and friends, you will have a wider range of possibilities regarding the celebration. Taking into account that the money you save on the menu for 100 people, you can invest it in celebrating your intimate wedding of “40 people” in your favorite restaurant, with your dream dress and with the best DJ.

intimate wedding

A great advantage in intimate weddings is that you can take care of every aspect of your event, giving each guest personalized details and making them feel like the protagonists of the day. Although we know that the bride and groom are the main ones in any wedding, this event would not be so special without your loved ones accompanying you.

If you already have your guest list for your intimate wedding, choose some beautiful wedding invitations with a personalized text and announce that your wedding is approaching.

intimate wedding

Civil wedding or religious wedding

This decision will depend on your personal preferences and your beliefs. The advantage of an intimate wedding is that you choose civil or religious, you can do the ceremony in places where you could not if the number of guests is high.

You have the possibility in that beautiful little church, or in a beautiful hermitage. As well as in a charming garden surrounded by flowers and trees, on the beach or in a stunning cove.

intimate wedding

Investigate charming and intimate places in your city where you can celebrate your wedding. If the venue for the ceremony and the treat is too spacious it will make the guests feel estranged. Organize your ceremony in a cozy place.

It’s time to have a great time

After the emotional ceremony in this beautiful place, your guests will attend the banquet.

Everyone will feel very comfortable in a small restaurant with a terrace and a garden, with a large orchestra and a small ballroom where they can give their all and more.

In terms of decoration, you have the opportunity to invest more time in small details, such as a personalized menu, original menu presentations on the plate, fun waiters and minimalist details in general.

You will leave everyone with their mouths open at a table decorated in the Boho style. Use glass containers with vases and bottles, candles and flowers in your centerpieces.

intimate wedding
intimate wedding
intimate wedding
intimate wedding

As for the menu, when you know the tastes of those closest to you, you will find a menu for everyone’s taste.

But before the menu, delight your guests with an original corner where they can enjoy starters and a cold drink. With the corners you have the opportunity to spend a very pleasant time with everyone. The most popular corners are: the cheese and Iberian corner, the beer, wine and cocktail corners (with and without alcohol) and the fast food corner.

If you want to know more about corners for weddings, I’ll give you more detail by clicking here .

intimate wedding

Another great idea regarding the wedding menu is to hire a stand-up buffet service, showcooking with a live cooking or a fun barbecue with loved ones. These ideas will get everyone involved and involved in your wedding.

Do not forget to pay attention to the organization of your sweet tables with a colorful decoration and offering everyone a wide variety of those sweets and sweets that drive us crazy. How about an ice cream cart?

Finally, choose personal details to thank your guests for their attendance on that special day. They will love your wedding memories and it will make them feel special. You can dedicate their business cards to them by addressing each of them personally.