Interesting Marathi Wedding Superstitions

Interesting Marathi Wedding Superstitions

India is a land of strong beliefs and superstitions. When it comes to the wedding season, these superstitions play a significant role in all Hindu marriages, as they’ve passed on for decades of generations. Weddings carry customs and traditions that have been in practice for a long, long time. Are you willing to marry anytime soon?

Let us help you find the perfect match. Visit any Marathi Matrimony site today and discover your future life partner. These customs also play a huge role in connection with spirituality and mythological references. The parents and family members make sure to prevent the on calls of any of the following superstitions, be it their belief system – like a mother would try to ward off ‘buri nazar’ on their children. Or it could be just a plain practice to ensure things run smoothly.Before we get to the list of superstitions, we were wondering if you’d like to look for a suitable match for your future. Here’s a list of superstitions that are practiced in Maharashtra and are part of the wedding ceremonies:

1. Bride’s Mehendi Color/Shade is Important:

The Mehendi is applied to the hands and feet of the bride, a night before the wedding as a wedding custom. The superstition surrounding this ceremony is the color of the bride’s henna. It is said that the color of the henna/Mehendi, which is made into a paste out of henna leaves, needs to be dark in color. The darker the color, the greater/deeper is the love for the bride by her Marathi groom. The other theory surrounding the henna color is that if the henna lasts longer on the bride’s hand than the groom’s, it signifies the great affection that the bride will receive from her mother-in-law. 

2. Welcoming Rain on the Wedding Day:

Here’s another superstition – for it to rain on your wedding day. Most brides would complain about a heavy downpour on their most special day, especially if it’s a day wedding. But a Marathi bride will love it for sure! Do you want to know why? The great thing about the rain is that it signifies a good omen. The rain is supposed to be a blessing in a couple’s life by adding fertility, well-being, and success to their future. Now, if this comes true, wouldn’t you want it to rain at your wedding too? So, download any Marathi Matrimony app today and let us help you find the ideal soulmate to share your future with. 

3. The Bride Needs to Carry a Sharp Object During Her Ceremony:

From the time when the bride gets engaged till the time she’s married, she’s supposed to carry a sharp object with her at all times. In the Marathi culture, people believe that carrying a knife or some other metal would ensure that she’s protected from the ‘evil stares’ that could jinx her marriage in the future. The other theory concerning carrying a sharp object is to protect her dignity from the rest of the world.

4. The Milk Shouldn’t Spill: 

With the wedding ceremony getting nearer each day, family members of the Marathi couple get frantic over a few things, including spilling the milk. The reason behind it is that it presents a bad sign and may bring some misfortune into the couple’s married life. Since marriage is treated like an auspicious event, where every detail is given a lot of thought, the spilling of the milk is also something that is to be prevented throughout all wedding ceremonies. 

5. Tossing Rice at the Newlywed Couple:

If anyone has watched Bollywood films, then they must have seen that whenever a Hindu marriage is going on, and the couple is taking pheras around the fire, the rest of their family throws flowers or grain of rice at them. This is actually meant to be auspicious in a Maharashtrian wedding as well. The grains of rice that are thrown at the couple during wedding ceremonies signify Goddess Laxmi. She is the god of abundance, and throwing the rice means that the family members are blessing the couple in an abundance of love and offering protection from all kinds of negativity.