How to Customize My Shirts with Transfer

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T-shirts are a timeless garment; they serve everything and are basic in our closets at any time of the year. In addition, they have the advantage that they never go out of style. But there are times that you not only want a shirt that you like, but you may need shirts for an event, for a gathering of friends, to go camping or partying to your town or for any act where you want to have your own shirt. Custom t-shirts are a great advertising claim, a support to publicize your company or association, but they can also be a method of expressing your ideas, a form of identification, a claim, a revelation of your tastes or to give voice to a group through a cheap and resistant support. The possibilities are endless.

The transfer printing technique requires the minimum possible investment and is a technique of great quality and durability that gives great visibility to the garments because it allows reproducing colors with enough fidelity, in addition to high quality and many details. Among its advantages, it stands out that the edges are well defined, the printing details are finer, it can be applied using a paper support because it consists of four colors and is very simple and quick to use.

What do I need to print on transfer?

The equipment needed to perform this technique is very simple: a computer, a graphic design program such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand or Coreldraw, a printer, transfer paper sheets and a transfer plate. And the steps do not require much difficulty: first you must choose the design or photo you want from the graphic design program, then you have to print it and finally apply it on your shirt with a heat iron.

Detail of transfer printing technique on t-shirt

I want to customize a shirt: what kind of print do I choose?

The type of printing is given by different factors, depending on what you are looking for in your personalized shirt:

  • If you are looking for the best quality, the option is textile vinyl.
  • If you are looking for the cheapest option choose screen printing.
  • If you are looking for the most durable alternative, screen printing will be your choice.
  • If you are looking for speed in production, choose screen printing.
  • For short runs the most advisable is textile vinyl.

For long runs the most advisable is screen printing and go to companies specializing in personalization and textile screen printing, which have the necessary machinery to print your shirts quickly.

The transfer offers you the advantage of being applicable to any type of fabric. Its quality control is done on paper and not on fabric, in this way the tares are reduced by 97% with respect to conventional printing, as well as it reduces costs and production times compared to traditional direct screen printing.

Some ideas for your textile customization

In most companies you can choose from a wide range of modern t-shirts: fitted long-sleeved, short, sports, breathable, etc.

Personalized shirts for companies: either to dress your employees or as a promotional gift for your potential customers. They can give your company its own identity and your brand will be visible to many more people.

T-shirts for NGOs and associations: it helps them spread their message throughout the world. Some companies collaborate with these organizations by donating the shirts for their events.

Sports equipment: what better way to “make pineapple” with personalized equipment for the whole team, personalized with the number and name of each player. You only need to think about the colors, the design of the shield and “feel the shirt”.

T-shirts for clubs: in your town there will be more than one club and a good way to identify yourself and leave a mark is dressing your whole club with an original personalized shirt, with a fun slogan and the name of the group, for example.

T-shirts for the end of the course: if you want to finish the race demonstrating that feeling of union to your classmates or you want to promote yourself to raise funds for the end-of-course trip, a t-shirt from your faculty or with a fun slogan can give a lot of play. Get out of your university through the big door.

T-shirts for farewells: bachelor parties have become a tradition, and what better memory of the last single day than a personalized and fun t-shirt planned by the friends of the couple.

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