How to choose a wedding photographer

How to choose a wedding photographer

Preparing for the wedding celebration, the bride and groom need to look for festive outfits, choose a place for the wedding, fill out invitations – all this takes a lot of time. You also need to take care of finding wedding photographers in Singapore. These are good photos that will remind the newlyweds and their friends about the past celebration for a long time, and provide them with positive emotions from memories.

5 Recommendations for choosing a photographer for a wedding celebration

1. Appreciate the experience

First of all, consider the experience of a specialist. The photographer must easily adapt to unexpected situations, for example, to a sudden downpour, breakage of the heel of the bride. Be sure to check with the photographer what technique he uses. A professional photographer should always have a spare camera (if the main one breaks), and lighting equipment.

2. Take a look at the portfolio

Check out the professional portfolio. Don’t jump to conclusions. 2-3 perfect photos can be obtained even by someone who does not take photographs at all. A good photographer’s portfolio should contain many great shots. Having studied the portfolio, you will be able to get an idea of ​​​​the areas of work of a specialist, to understand which photographs he takes best.

3. The power of face-to-face communication

It is not recommended to finally approve the candidacy and hire a specialist before you personally meet with him. You should feel comfortable next to the photographer, relax, and reveal your inner world to the camera. During a personal meeting, discuss working moments, specify the time and place of photography. Often, experts offer to rehearse a photo session even before the wedding celebration. This allows you to capture certain moments of preparation, capture how you decorate the room, buy rings, choose suits for the wedding.

If the photographer has an assistant, this is a serious plus. With an assistant, a specialist can film you from various angles. In addition, the assistant can insure the photographer, help him with the equipment.

4. Realistic promises

It is not worth starting cooperation with a photographer who promises to hand over the finished work a week after the wedding. If we take into account the fact that a professional photographer can take several hours to process 1 photo, then for processing it may take a month to prepare hundreds of pictures. Plus, don’t forget – experienced photographers are not sitting without work, so, most likely, your wedding is far from the only one. If you want your wedding photos to be pleasing to the eye, be patient and wait 25-30 days – name but so much time usually goes to the delivery of the order.

5. Clear agreements

Also consider how you will get the final result. Everything here depends on your agreement. As a rule, the total cost usually includes a certain number of pics printed professionally. If you want, you can increase the number of printed pictures by paying extra for printing. It is also important to clarify how you will be given original photos in electronic form – on a flash drive, cloud storage, via email or via a messenger. The fact is that photos sent to email or messenger can seriously lose quality (the resolution deteriorates, the images will be blurry). You should get hold of the raw photo files.

Where to find a photographer for the wedding?

A wedding photographer can be found through acquaintances. If any of your friends recently got married, be sure to check with them how the photographer worked. If the recommendations are positive, you can contact the appropriate specialist.

You can also read the forums. You need to take into account only those reviews that are posted on verified sites. Unscrupulous photographers can easily publish false positive reviews about their own work on forums and other websites. Make sure negative reviews are real and not fake.

One of the most effective ways to promote your services is to share the results in social networks. And this is exactly what many photographers do — they post photos from a variety of photo sessions, thereby helping to make a choice.

If the photographer is sufficiently known, he has a good developed base, a completed portfolio, and the list of his services is not at all limited. If it’s a classic wedding shoot, then he must have a website. Often several photographers, working in their own kind of tandem, create a common website. You can see both their common works and individual creations of each on the website.