How Much Does a Real Tennis Bracelet Cost?

How Much Does a Real Tennis Bracelet Cost?

A tennis bracelet is an elegant jewelry item with multiple small diamonds connected in a line by a thin metal chain. This bracelet is made of gold mostly, but it also comes in sterling silver or platinum. It is quite popular because of its versatility. One can wear this bracelet as everyday jewelry with a casual outfit or augment their look with it on special occasions.

Origin of Tennis Bracelet

Originally known as ‘line diamond bracelet’, the name tennis bracelet has an interesting history. The use of this name dates back to 1987 when a tennis player, Chris Evert, lost her diamond bracelet during a US Open tennis tournament. She asked to pause the game while she looked for her bracelet with the spectators and viewers watching the search.

Evert was not just known for Tennis but was also a fashion icon. That bracelet was spotted on her wrist in every match and had become her style choice. Ever since that incident, that diamond bracelet has been called the tennis bracelet.

How Much Does a Real Tennis Bracelet Cost?

The real tennis bracelets have multiple tiny diamonds lined up in thin, valuable metal. They are weighed as per the total carat weight. Their weight ranges between 1 to 11 carats and even more, considering the number and size of the diamonds. Just like the weight, the cost of a tennis bracelet also depends on the number and characteristics of the diamonds. Another factor that determines the price is the type of metal used in the bracelet.

The price of a tennis bracelet starts at $2500. However, you might find one costing $1000. A 10-carat gold tennis bracelet with G-H color and VS clarity prices at $33000 while a similar quality bracelet of 2 carats would cost $3500. The price can go as high as $100,000. Here are the factors that influence the bracelet’s price explained in detail:


While gold is the popular choice in metal for a tennis bracelet, the common types of gold in this regard are rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. Platinum and sterling silver are also good choices. No metal is the ‘best’ one for a tennis bracelet, as each provides a unique look. You just have to decide which one complements your style.

Another thing you have to consider while choosing the metal is durability, 14K and 18K white gold as well as rose gold are durable and a good choice if you intend to wear the bracelet every day or frequently. As for the cost, a platinum tennis bracelet is expensive than white gold. An 8-carat platinum tennis bracelet pr has the price of $8,500 while the similar one in Rose Gold would cost you $7500. The other golds cost approximately the same amount with similar diamond quality and features.


As mentioned earlier, the size and quality of the diamonds used in a tennis bracelet determine its price. If you seek the highest-quality diamonds, the price is going to be over $100,000. If you want to save up on this purchase, you can compromise on certain characteristics of diamonds and bring the price down. Here are the diamond characteristics that influence its price:


The cut determines the diamond’s brilliance, proportions, angles, and finish. This is the most important characteristic and can hide the other flaws by its perfection. This trait is not to be compromised.


This trait shows the extent to which a diamond is clear of blemishes and inclusions. The higher the clarity of a gem is the more its cost will be. So, if you want to save money, go for an eye-clear diamond instead of choosing the highest clarity grade. In the GIA certification, SI1 and SI2 can do well as eye-clear scales. The price difference is significant, as the price of a one-carat IF-D-grade diamond is $15000 while that of a one-carat SI2, D-grade diamond is $4200.


A highest-quality diamond is completely colorless and has a higher cost. The color grading scale starts at D and ends at Z. To reduce the cost of the diamond, it is better to go for eye-clean scales, i.e., diamonds that are colorless to the naked eye. The scales till G and H are eye-clean.


Carat weight is one of the major determinants of a diamond’s price. The difference between 0.5 and 1 carat may not be visible, but the price difference is huge.