Destination Wedding: Lapita Hotel in Dubai

Without a shadow of a doubt, choosing your wedding venue is at the top of the list as the most stressful decision any bride-to-be is faced with. I am not discrediting the dress, food or vibe at all, but the venue is what echoes every wedding days atmosphere. We will explore the remarkable significance of a venue and give you a look at an outstanding Polynesian island influenced resort hotel that is not only different to the usual influx of hotels who offer wedding services, but also boasts a picture perfect hotel location.

Lapita Dubai Parks and Resorts Hotel Tour | Dubai, UAE | Traveller Passport

Lapita Dubai Parks and Resorts Hotel Tour | Dubai, UAE | Traveller Passport

Special Occasion

If you are looking for something different for your destination wedding; Dubai is the perfect trip for this special occasion. It is a magical city known for its amazing architecture, affluent shopping malls and lavish hotels and fast paced decadent lifestyle. It is a central travel hub that your guests will find easy for travel purposes and is an extremely decadent. In Dubai you will find the new kid on the block; Lapita Hotel in Dubai, the dedicated luxury resort hotel centered in Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Luxuriously Unique Experience

Lapita Hotel offers guests a luxuriously unique experience with a distinctively Polynesian themed resort. Wow your guests with something they will truly cherish and forever remember your special day. This resort hotel is located on the same premises as Dubai’s famous theme parks, and it will without a doubt maximize your wedding guests time at your destination wedding. The resort hotel is not only at the heart of a theme park, it really is a place for family to come together in celebration and will offer such a unique wedding day, that you would want to return for your anniversary.

Your wedding day is one you will look back on forever, make sure this once in a lifetime moment is something that would be celebrated in style and looked back at with joy. Read more about what Lapita Hotel has on offer here.