Civil Weddings. A Ceremony to Your Taste

Civil weddings have evolved a lot and over the years they have grown so much that today they surpass weddings celebrated by the church. Leaving behind the concept that a civil wedding is a cold and boring ceremony.

Civil weddings, unlike religious bonds, can be totally personalized. This is the biggest advantage over a religious wedding and that is that you can celebrate your ceremony just as you had dreamed of it, letting your imagination run wild.

Civil Weddings

Deciding whether or not to celebrate your wedding by judicial means is an important decision. The civil wedding has the same legal effect as a religious wedding and the final decision will only depend on your beliefs.

The duration of the civil wedding varies between 15-20 minutes and is officiated before a judge, a mayor or a councilor. In this ceremony the pertinent documentation will be signed to formalize the marriage.

Many grooms attend a normal working day to sign this act before the person with the power to formalize the marriage. As it is a mere administrative act, you can formalize your marriage on an ordinary day by celebrating this procedure, together with the witnesses, in a public body.

Civil Weddings

Days after having signed the marriage certificate with legal value, the wedding of your dreams will take place with sentimental value, accompanied by your family and friends. A wedding full of possibilities.

Did you know that your friend could officiate the wedding?

In the ceremony that you share with your loved ones, you can choose who will officiate the wedding. Many couples choose a most personal wedding celebrated outside the public body. This ceremony has no legal value but it is the original and loving event that you share with family and friends.

Civil Weddings

It begins with the arrival of the bride to the altar playing your favorite song in the background. The groom and the godmother await the impatient bride and join them, that person so dear to both of them will be able to officiate the wedding with words dedicated from the heart. Who better than that person who has witnessed your love from the first day?

Among the personal speech of the officiant, he may read articles 66 to 68 of the civil code to refer to marriage. At the moment of “Yes, I want to” your song will sound again while that special person asks you if you want to get married, followed by You can kiss the bride!

In this ceremony, the guests can also participate in the act. With your partner, decide who are the people you want to say some emotional words and meet with them to create a script and explain when they should participate.

Civil Weddings

You have a wide range of possibilities: the dress can be the color that most attracts your attention, the list of songs that sound will be those that have a sentimental meaning for you and a brother, a cousin or a childhood friend will have the honor to officiate the wedding.

If you are looking for original ideas to make your ceremony different, you can prepare the ritual of the sand, the ceremony of the rose and the union of the hands, among others. Don’t miss our blog on original ceremonies for civil weddings.

Civil Weddings
Civil Weddings

Remember that days before this great ceremony you must sign the papers before a judge to legally validate the marriage.

Still do not have the gifts for your guests? Thank you for your company on that special day with these practical and original wedding details.