Cinderella for a day | How to Decorate a Disney Wedding

Cinderella for a day | How to Decorate a Disney Wedding

Cinderella !!!

Surely you’ve heard Cinderella’s stepsisters as soon as you start reading this post. And I could almost assure you that you are a bit like her, without stopping, and with a lot of preparations to be able to attend the dance, well, let me tell you that you are an essential part, without you there is no wedding. And you know.

Come, do not tell, and take a deep breath that I’ll give you a couple of ideas so you start feeling like the princess of your own fairy tale.

Wedding Invitations – Cinderella

Announce it! You will see a Great Dance in Honor of Your Highness

Of course you will see dancing, and feast and party afterwards … as it should be, but the way in which we present it is important, that is why I bring you the Cinderella wedding invitation with its beautiful matching metallic envelope.

Do not forget to invite all the marriageable maidens of the kingdom; they will die of envy with what I have to teach you, but that I will leave for the end, let’s continue with the decoration.

Ideas for Disney Decorations

These are just some of the ideas you can find in pinterest, I love this platform is full of very good and original references.

There goes, a beautiful bridal bouquet, a pumpkin- shaped centerpiece ;  I think it’s ideal for the sweets table; the kids will love it, some fairy powders – please, essential for a wedding full of magic – you can fill them with rice if you prefer and finally the wedding cake , it is beautiful.

As for the wedding cake I can recommend someone, Susa is given the decorations and with the flavors that you like the best.

Look at Crystal Slippers!

Well, in this case they are not crystal but you can not deny that some will die of envy as soon as they see you and yes, the one you’re thinking about too.

This pair is a sample, but I can make the same design in any other model if you prefer another shape or color.

In addition, I left a space next to the castle where your wedding date and your initials could go on the tie held by the birds.

I’m all ears if you want to make some change, totally customizable.

And they lived Happy for…

Forever! Yes, yes, forever, you should know the end of this story, right? – There is a mother … that you do not like…

Nothing happens, we create the design for your invitations and your shoes to your liking remember? I’ll leave you another so you can see different models.

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