Bridgerton Wedding Trend, Regency Style and Regency Era

Bridgerton Wedding Trend, Regency Style and Regency Era

On December 25th, Netflix released a romance show called as Bridgerton and became quite popular in a very few days. Everyone likes the show due to its next level romance and regency style settings. This show is an adaptation of best-selling novel, Bridgerton written by Julia Quinn. Not only it shows the courtship but it also shows the regency era of 1900s London, and of course the sex scenes in it.

The costume team behind this show is quite professional. They worked so hard to get that level of fashion such as topper hats galore, empire waist gowns, to the hydrangea, the set designs and wisteria. Bridgerton weddings became so trending that wedding trend ideas started to spread inspired by the Bridgerton.

Nevertheless, it does not matter whether you are a total fan of the show or are newly engaged and are looking for an inspiration, you will definitely like these Bridgerton inspired wedding trends.

An elegant color palette

In many other shows, colors like bright yellow and green are normally used. However, the production designer of Bridgerton, Will Hughes-Jones decided to use a blue color scheme to portrait the entire Bridgerton household. Wisteria lavender, Wedgewood blues and soft whites were seen throughout the show. These hues are perfect for a wedding color palette.

Formal invitations

After watching Bridgerton, everyone is starting to refer themselves as ladies and lords. Since Bridgerton is set in a regency era, the English spoken is quite formal. Many fans have started to use the word make haste instead hurry and this is just one example. Many people have started to write formal invitations as well inspired from Bridgerton because to be honest who does not like a Bridgerton inspired wedding.

Tailcoats and empire waist gowns for your wedding attire

Most of the gowns seen in Bridgerton had an empire waist silhouette. Empire waist gowns were and are quite trending in the regency era. It has bodice ending that is fitted tight on the stomach to make sure that the empire waist gown fits properly. However, the skirt is supposed to fit loose. It should make the shape of the letter A. Furthermore, the skirt does not have any other fabric or petticoat underneath it. These gowns were quite famous in the past and are steadily making a comeback in weddings thanks to the Bridgerton show. For men, it is quite simple. All you need is tailcoat tuxedo with a bowtie. Both of the wedding attires are enough to tell your audience that it is a Bridgerton inspired wedding.

Opulent Furnishings

Last but not the least, opulent furnishings are also quite essential if you want your wedding to have a splash of regency style. In almost every episode of the show, almost every character in the show is shown sitting on an Upholstered chair or a love seat that is covered with lavish satin, sultry velvet or a luxe fabric. Having this kind of furnishing can give your wedding a regency style aesthetic.