Bridgerton Wedding Trend, Regency Style and Regency Era

On December 25th, Netflix released a romance show called as Bridgerton and became quite popular in a very few days. Everyone likes the show due to its next level romance and regency style settings. This show is an adaptation of best-selling novel, Bridgerton written by Julia Quinn. Not only it shows the courtship but it… Continue reading Bridgerton Wedding Trend, Regency Style and Regency Era

Civil Weddings. A Ceremony to Your Taste

Civil weddings have evolved a lot and over the years they have grown so much that today they surpass weddings celebrated by the church. Leaving behind the concept that a civil wedding is a cold and boring ceremony. Civil weddings, unlike religious bonds, can be totally personalized. This is the biggest advantage over a religious… Continue reading Civil Weddings. A Ceremony to Your Taste

Intimate Weddings

If you have decided to celebrate an intimate wedding, don’t miss this blog to organize an emotional wedding, full of surprises, original and fun. Before giving the big news that you are getting married, you must decide the number of guests you want to attend the great ceremony, within your possibilities and according to the… Continue reading Intimate Weddings

Showcooking Weddings

You don’t know what showcooking at weddings consists of? What is promised is a debt and today I want to tell you what this great ideal consists of. The guests have a great time with this catering and if you decide to hire this show at your wedding, it will be the most talked about.… Continue reading Showcooking Weddings

Weddings Shows

If it seemed like an original idea to hire a show cooking for your wedding, don’t miss this blog to find out more fun shows that will make your marriage a unique and very special event. Abra Cadabra You have the opportunity to surprise the guests by hiring a fun magic show. If you are… Continue reading Weddings Shows