7 Tips for Wedding Photography

7 Tips for Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is an art quite apart. In addition to knowing by heart the steps that punctuate this special day, the photographer or pro must also know how to be creative to seduce its customers. A professional photographer has technique, creativity, experience, in short, it’s a multi-faceted profession!

1. Why call a pro photographer for her wedding?

Because the photos stay! And what (or rather who) better to capture these memories than a professional wedding photographer? Of course, not everyone is convinced by the need to allocate a large budget. The work of explanation, of education almost, goes through the wedding photographers themselves. It must be shown that only a professional photographer can offer an unforgettable memory of this special day.

First of all, a pro photographer is technically up to scratch, unlike Tonton Jacques! It will fit properly his photos, without cutting his head and can even play with natural elements or decor to create a natural setting.

Then, a professional photographer will be able to retouch his photos in order to bring out the beautiful! The editing software require special skills that only a pro · e has.

A wedding is a unique day for the bride and groom and their families. For your photographer here, but he already knows the key moments to photograph! In addition, his images will be delivered to you in very high quality.

Want to sell your wedding photos after the event, and allow your customers to see their photos on an elegant online gallery? You might even want to allow your customers to upload their photos and buy some prints?

2. What does a wedding photographer really do?

There are many myths and legends around wedding photography. For example, around the price of the service: it happens to read or to hear that a wedding photographer is paid about 600 € for the benefit. Except for a wedding report, it’s not just a day of work!

Between the preparation of the equipment, the various meetings with the bride and groom, the retouches, the uploading of the photos, it is also necessary to count the investments, the displacements, the customer relation…

Finally, the presence of the photographer on D-Day is only a small part of the workload slaughtered for only one wedding!

3. The engagement session before the wedding, a compulsory step?

Until a few years ago, pre-marital engagement sessions were not well attended. More and more, they are now included in the overall benefit. But what exactly is this?

First of all, a pre-wedding photo shoot allows you to get to know your photographer better, and vice versa! It is important to develop a relationship with the person who will immortalize the most beautiful day of a life! In addition, the professional can practice to photograph you, and learn to capture your moments to you! These photos can also serve as “Save the date” , or just to have a good moment of calm before diving into the organization!

4. How to prepare for a wedding report?

Although not all wedding reports are alike (just because not all marriages are alike, and thankfully!), A wedding photographer will face the same steps, the same “moments not to miss” , and the preparation always requires the same checklist to respect.

  • Prepare your equipment
  • Chat with the bride and groom
  • Have a good roadmap
  • Spot the places
  • Schedule group photos

5. The essential material for wedding photography

In addition to technique, creativity and experience, wedding photography needs to be well equipped · e . For a wedding shoot, a pro photographer must have at least two different cameras.  The main reason: to cover itself in case of breakdown! You will not be able to tell the groom: “Sorry, my device is not working, session canceled!”.

Olivier Frechard is a professional photographer specializing in wedding and studio photography (birth, pregnancy, boudoir …) . He is a member of WPS and ISPWP, organizations that bring together and reward the best photographers of international weddings. He comes from elsewhere, to get his first ISPWP Award. So we asked him to reveal his photo material for a wedding report, and for a session in the studio! Be careful, this video is not a disguised ad for brands! Indeed, we just want to give you all the keys to choose your photographic equipment according to the type of report you want to make. Since the offer is so vast, well-targeted advice is always good to take? A big thank you to him for taking the time to share with us (and with you!) His experience!

6. Day after sessions and Trash the Dress

Wedding photography is not limited to D-Day! There is, as mentioned above, the engagement sessions, but there are also post-wedding sessions! The “Day after” or “Trash the dress” shootings are more and more popular and with good reason: they have many advantages:

  • For the date! A “Day After” session is done, as its name suggests, a few days after D-Day! Everything is more Zen, more to listen to each other; the photos are so much more worked!
  • For the schedule! It is finally possible to take pictures at the right time! Not too early when the sun is too high, and not too late when it is not there anymore🙂
  • To enjoy! D-day has passed, it’s time to enjoy the moment and let go!
  • To make unique photos and create truly personalized memories

7. How to share his photos after the delivery?

After the performance, your work is not finished! You still need to return the photos to your customers. Which medium to use? Are you going to give them the digital files? Do you plan to sell prints? Frameworks? The post-shooting is to think upstream because it finishes in a professional and elegant way the service. Imagine: you do a great job during the wedding report, you are at the top, you have captured the most beautiful moments of the day, the light was perfect, the emotion at the rendezvous … And you send your photos (unsorted) by email.

NO !

Finish off your wedding photography performance by presenting your photos on an elegant online gallery. In addition to emphasizing your professionalism, you will leave a beautiful image in the minds of your clients. And, you know how it goes: 1 satisfied customer = 10 people at least who hear about you!

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