6 Tips to Follow to Select a Wedding Planner

6 Tips to Follow to Select a Wedding Planner

It’s easy to be overwhelmed during your wedding planning process. In addition to organizing, finding and finding the best suppliers for your budget, it also means negotiating costs, making sure everything is done on time and that the big day goes smoothly!

In addition to all this, many of us are working full time and trying to juggle work, social life and wedding planning! This is where a wedding planner saves the day.

Choose a wedding planner

There are three different types of services that wedding planners usually offer:

  • A wedding planner only for specific tasks, namely to help you with the restoration or with the flowers for the wedding
  • A wedding planner only for the big day to make sure everything goes well so you can relax and leave the day in the hands of a professional
  • A wedding planner that you take from the moment you start planning the wedding to help you with all the details.

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What to look for in a wedding planner

After choosing the type of service you need, outside of your budget, here are six things to consider when choosing your wedding planner:

1. Personality and trust

It is important for you to find an organizer with whom you get along instantly. Not least because there are times when you can send 20 e-mails in one night with the details of your wedding, and there are more stressful moments than others where the “devil” in you could come out. This is where you will need the wedding planner to stay calm and really listen to you.

You must also make sure that you are able to trust the planner because scheduling may become difficult. While they may be incredible, making sure your personalities match and you trust them 100% is the key.

2. Portfolio

Be sure to take a look at the weddings that the wedding planner has done before not only to be inspired for your own event, but also to ensure that their style matches yours.

The questions to keep in mind are:

  • Are weddings simple or are they more extravagant and luxurious?
  • If you want your wedding theme to focus on colors and flowers, see if the planner has already done similar themes and if so, on what scale?
  • Do they specialize in a certain type of marriage?
  • Do they know the location of the wedding?
  • Do they have vendors with whom they currently work? If so, could this wedding planner get you a discount for your wedding?
  • What size of marriage do they usually have?

Wedding planners are able to work to ensure that every aspect of your wedding is amazing, but they each have their skills whether it’s for wedding or food visuals, you need to make sure that this matches what you are looking for.

3. Communication

Communication is an integral part of planning the wedding of your dreams. This leads to considering the response time between when you call / send an email / send a message to the planner and when he answers you. Is this planner too busy? Does it take a lot of time to respond to its customers? The planner should keep you up to date on the preparations and make sure you know exactly when you expect an answer to help you reduce stress.

4. Tariff structure

Every wedding is different and if you only want the wedding planner for specific tasks, the big day itself, or if you want the planner to be with you from the beginning, of course, there will be a difference in the price. The price structure could be one of the following:

  • A package
  • A base fee plus additional fees depending on the providers and needs
  • Hourly rate

If the planner charges a flat rate, determine exactly what this would include. In addition, find out if there is a payment structure and what the billing method is. It is essential to be honest with the wedding planner when it comes to the budget.

5. Other marriage

Be sure to know about how many marriages the planner is working on, especially if there are weddings that take place the same month as your wedding. If the planner works for a large wedding planning company, then his or her company can have other weddings in his schedule – and he will also have a great team to work with.

If you choose an independent wedding planner, then it would be best if he focuses primarily on your wedding. You want your planner to be dedicated to your wedding to ensure that planning and the big day are seamless.

6. References

Make sure you get recent marriage references that the wedding planner has made. It is essential to call and verify how the wedding planning of these clients and the big day are organized. If the wedding planner does not want to give references – it’s probably a red flag and better not to work with him.

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