5 Tips to Take Care of Your Moissanite Rings

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Moissanite Rings

A ring, or any other Moissanite jewel, is always accompanied by a great sentimental value that can remind you of your precious wedding day, the moment you were asked for an engagement or that special person who gave it to you.

Moissanite rings can last a lifetime with the appearance of the first day, but for this it is convenient to carry out a series of care that will always make them look radiant.

Why should you clean Moissanite rings?

Sweat, creams and perfumes, dust, and even contamination can cause the ring to lose its shine, so regular maintenance can prevent the Moissanite from tarnishing.

  • Rubbing the Moissanite ring with a clean, soft and dry handkerchief every time you take it off is a simple, simple gesture with remarkable results.
  • More from time to time you can wash it with a neutral Marseille soap and rub it with a toothbrush. Subsequently, dry it with a cloth or chamois to restore its shine. Similarly, toothpaste can be used as a cleaner.
  • The sodium bicarbonate diluted in water favors the degreasing of the rings. Even if these have diamonds.
  • Take them off if you are going to handle chemicals , cleaning products or are going to carry out work that tends to get your hands very dirty.
  • Take them off also if you go to the pool or the sea, since chlorine or sea water can damage the ring.

Why Buy Moissanite Rings?

If you are on a tight budget, but still want to buy a ring that looks so similar to a diamond that jewelers cannot tell for one, then moissanite may be an option for you. You can choose a moissanite ring in any of the ways that a real diamond ring would choose. Moissanite is not as hard as a diamond, but it is close. Moissanite rings are also much more heat resistant than diamonds. Not that anyone ever put their diamond purpose in extreme heat, but at around 1100 degrees Celsius a diamond can ignite and begin to evaporate. The moissanite ring actually stayed intact and still beautiful. This means that moissanite rings are less likely to be damaged during repairs to a jeweler.