5 Tips to Go Well in the Wedding Video Sydney

Wedding Video Sydney – The day is approaching; they are made a bunch of nerves and can not help it: it is the most important celebration of their lives and they may not feel prepared. Quiet, nobody is, but with these simple tips, the camera will be your best ally.

Of course, every couple wants to go very well in the video and it is not for less: it is one of the happiest days of their lives. The day they will get married, their thoughts of love will be very solid, but their pulse and tranquility may not be so strong. The camera will record every important moment of the celebration and it is necessary that its protagonists look the best, always with naturalness and sympathy. A common fear is that Wedding Videographer Sydney take their worst angles or look ridiculous when doing their first spouse dance or when they split the wedding cake. The good news is that going well in the video is not impossible. Here we leave several tips for you to achieve it. 

1. Meet the video staff

Yes! Sit down to talk with them about what they want and share their concerns. This will break the tension that usually exists, not so much with those who record, but with the camera. Take the opportunity to ask them how close the lens of their movements will be and at what times to reassure them of knowing what will happen. Do not hesitate to ask them to tell you what will be the intensity of the light they will have at least in the main shots such as the toast, the dance of husbands, the launch of the artificial bridal bouquet and the message of thanks. You will see that a smile of complicity will let you know that things are going on wheels.

2. Act naturally

Trying to act when it has never or rarely been done does not lead to anything good. They should keep in mind that while they will be the protagonists of the event with their elegant outfits, the video is not a test to throw them to stardom.

It is best to relax, have confidence in yourself, act normal, as always, and not hide the excitement generated by having taken this great step that initially represented your engagement ring in white gold and will soon consecrate your wedding rings. If you follow this advice, you will look better than pretending to pose all the time.

3. Exploit your good side

It will always be easier to show skills than weaknesses, so think of all the good things in your favor. In addition to giving them greater security before the camera, it will make them lovely. Therefore, they exploit that profile that favors them, that smile that melts anyone, the beautiful figure that highlights the mermaid-cut wedding dress, its sympathy and elegance. Do not forget to give all this information to the video team so they know how to approach you and become your best accomplices.

4. Be spontaneous

Their arrival at the altar, the moment of “yes, I accept” or the first dance as spouses are moments in which they will inevitably feel moved and there will be no place for performances, so let the feelings flow and let the camera take care of the rest . Their spontaneity will be the best role they have played on the big day.

5. Don’t be afraid to smile

No, don’t be afraid to surprise the camera and smile at it, because it’s about your moment, your happiness and your most natural feelings. If you realize that the camera is “watching” you while taking advantage of the wedding candy table , do not be sad to dedicate the best of your smiles, it will be the best evidence of the joy that invades them at that time.

Your wedding video will not need a thousand and one shots. It’s not a commercial, it’s not a movie that will win an Oscar and they don’t have to impress anyone. It will be a kind of documentary that will record the expected wedding celebration minute by minute, so the best advice is to enjoy every moment and select a video provider that makes you feel comfortable.

The emotions that will accompany them from the moment they get ready to arrive presentable with the wedding dress and the tuxedo, until they leave more than in love with the location for their honeymoon, they deserve to be captured in a genuine way. Therefore, the naturalness of each moment will be the most faithful reflection of everything that happened on this day that with so much love they are preparing.

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