5 Tips for Choosing your Wedding Music

5 Tips for Choosing your Wedding Music

Weddings are often an opportunity for both the bride and the groom to have fun, have fun and have a great time. To do so, the choice of music is extremely important so that your guests do not leave all after an hour! If you feel that no one has fun as you had imagined, there is certainly a problem with the mood or music chosen. So to avoid disaster, here are some tips for choosing your wedding music.

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Take a short music to get started

It is not necessarily obligatory to start your wedding night with slow music but rather music where you will feel at ease. It does not have to be “your song” but it has to be a song that represents you and has a story for both of you. For example, if your first kiss happened in a Patrick Bruel concert, then choosing one of his songs for your first dance can be a nice wink.

Also, remember that by the time you declare the ball open and start your first dance, everyone will be watching you so it’s best to choose a song that lasts less than 3 minutes. If you want to choose Guns N ‘Roses’ November Rain song that is more than 9 minutes long, your guests may get impatient. If the music you choose is longer, arrange with your DJ to shorten it…

Mother / son and father / daughter dances must be short too

Even if the first dance is something unique in a wedding, it is then up to the guests to start having fun a little and until the end of the night. There are usually dances for newlyweds, but also dances for the groom and his mother and the bride and her father. For this dance, where the audience can feel a little rejected, it is better to choose a music where everyone can participate and sing together.

A song of 3 minutes will be perfectly adapted here in order to capture the attention of the whole audience as much as possible so that it does not get impatient.

Background music during dinner

The time has come for your guests to start sampling the dishes you have selected and this is also the time when they will want to chat together and definitely have a few drinks.

It is therefore wise to choose background music without necessarily falling into Frank Sinatra or Rod Stewart. Ask your DJ for this part of the ball but know that a sweet pop music can be really appropriate as James Blunt or Jason Mraz.

Let the DJ set the mood and spread the music at the right time!

For a very successful wedding party, know that the DJ is the true professional in the world of music and will know exactly when to broadcast pop, a good swing or excite the crowd with old classic Madonna or Mickael Jackson.

In fact, the best is to come up with three different lists of music: the ones you absolutely want to listen to, the ones you do not want to hear, and the ones you would like to hear. Then it will be the turn of the DJ to choose your songs and to please all your guests.

Choose music that will appeal to everyone

Satisfying all tastes can be a difficult task knowing that the age range of your guests can range from 2 months to 92 years. For example, if you have a particular taste for country dancing, be sure not to be alone in having fun on this musical theme!

In addition, plan songs for your young nephews and nieces who should enjoy this moment.

In general, try as much as possible to broadcast throughout the party, music that will please everyone by alternating fast, slow, all genres, old and new! Your audience will be won for sure.

Your wedding will certainly be the best day of your life, but be aware that it is imperative that for it to be completely successful, your guests must also have fun. Because that’s the goal of the evening, no?