5 Frequently Asked Questions About the Engagement Rings and Getting Married

5 frequently asked questions about the engagement rings and getting married

In this article we will answer the most frequently asked questions about engagement rings and getting married and provide you with further links.

  1. What is an engagement ring?
  2. Engagement ring on which hand?
  3. Engagement ring for men too?
  4. Where to buy engagement ring?
  5. How do you propose?

1. What is an engagement ring and is an engagement ring really necessary?

An engagement ring indicates that a couple is intending to get married. The engagement ring is handed over to the partner with the wedding proposal with the question of whether one would like to enter into the covenant of marriage. The promise is symbolized by this ring and can be worn by women as well as men. In the USA it has been customary since the 1950s for a man to present his partner with a classic solitaire ring (a ring with a claw setting and a single diamond) – and to ask the marriage proposal on his knees with the question: “Do you want to marry me?” In Europe, the trend towards getting married with a ring has increased and strengthened in recent years. There are many different shapes and designs for engagement rings. Most often, a ring with a single stone is chosen, which is held on the ring band in a setting with claws / stilts – the solitaire ring. In addition to this classic shape, there are also much simpler models or curved ring shapes with multiple stones. It is up to you whether you can make wedding proposal without a ring . Many women like the idea of ​​a romantic engagement with a diamond ring – but of course there are other ways to get engaged.

2. On which hand is the engagement ring worn?

When applying, the ring is attached to the fourth finger, the ring finger of the left hand, and remains there until the marriage is concluded. This custom is thousands of years old – because even in pre-antiquity, in ancient Egypt and Greece, people believed that there was a vein on this finger that leads directly to the heart – this “love vein” was also called vena amiris and is therefore that Symbol of love. The wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand – after the wedding, the engagement ring is therefore put together with the wedding ring on the right hand as a side ring on the same ring finger.

Ultimately, you should make up your own mind about which hand you want to wear your rings on. As a right-handed person, for example, it can be uncomfortable (when shaking hands or doing everyday work) if a ring is worn there. Decide for yourself – because tradition is of course not prescribed!

3. Does the man also wear an engagement ring?

If you would like to propose to your partner as a man, then usually only with a single ring – but men also want to announce to the world that you are now engaged and therefore buy a men’s ring for themselves when they are engaged . Women are also increasingly taking over the initiative and would like to propose to your partner – the simple engagement ring for men in the link above is recommended in all common metal alloys or you can choose one of our partner ring models .

4. Where to buy engagement ring?

Of course, while you are here, we would like to give you the benefits of buying from Diamond Exchange to explain. In addition to the extensive range of services: free shipping, free engraving, case and size change as well as an extended cancellation period of 60 days, which allows customers to examine the goods in peace and wait for the perfect moment to apply (e.g. you can take the ring with you on vacation ), you will receive an engagement ring: 100% Made in USA. Because, unlike the usual jeweler, we try to “sell” you non-prefabricated stock items. No, every ring at Houston Jeweler is only manufactured after the customer has ordered it, depending on the configuration – you design your own ring individually.

So it is clear from the start that the ring is forged just for you. In addition, the attractive, low prices at Houston Jeweler are only possible because we forego the very expensive prestige marketing that is common in the jewelry industry. So if you can do without a case with a high recognition value from the renowned jeweler, you get the same quality at a much lower price. In addition, due to our since So if you can do without a case with a high recognition value from the renowned jeweler, you get the same quality at a much lower price. In addition, due to our since So if you can do without a case with a high recognition value from the renowned jeweler, you get the same quality at a much lower price. An advantage that we are happy to pass on to you in the form of lower prices!

5. How do you propose?

Before you buy an engagement ring, you have probably played through the marriage proposal in your head several times: you have imagined a place, think about what you are going to say and dream about the expected reactions. Many people therefore have a precise idea of ​​how and in which environment the most important question in life should be asked.

As a man, you should always first determine which type the prospective fiancé is: The moment you ask a woman for a hand is very personal. Does she like a big engagement with many people or friends around her in a public place, or is she more for experiencing such a situation in private. It is very important, to find out in advance – because of the social pressure in the public, this can otherwise fail. We have noticed that many people are looking for a place that is away from everyday life and stress. People like to get engaged on vacation (on the beach, in the mountains, in a beautiful park or a bridge in a romantic city), but the men almost always choose a moment of peace and seclusion to experience this important moment alone – you know that we from our numerous conversations with customers on site in the jewelry stores.

How you actually make the application is ultimately up to you – as a “teaser” you could distribute red flowers along a path that leads to the location of the application. Of course, kneeling is always part of it. The ring is usually still in the case and is opened inconspicuously in the pocket or behind the back – so that the engagement ring can then be presented directly.