4 Tips for Choosing the Dress of Your Bridesmaids

4 Tips for Choosing the Dress of Your Bridesmaids

In many weddings, bridesmaids wear identical outfits around the bride. This Anglo-Saxon custom inspires you, but you do not know what style to lead you to? Here are 4 suggestions to help in your choices.

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The bridesmaids are special for the bride. It is usually the people who are closest to them, such as their best friends. Wearing identical outfits to those that accompany the beautiful in white dress on the day of her wedding is a mark of proximity. It’s a way of showing the strong connection that exists between them.

This great Anglo-Saxon tendency which is more and more widespread in France knows some variants. Indeed, it depends on the goodwill of the bride, whether on the colors, shapes or fabrics used. That’s why we’ve listed the different options available to you. 

Here are the 4 tips of the editorial staff.

Like Twin Sisters

If you want everything to be calculated to the millimeter to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the day, do not think anymore and opt for totally identical outfits for your bridesmaids. Whether 3 or 10 around you, they must have the same dresses or same sets. That is to say: same cut, same color, same fabric and why not the same bunches of flowers (if it is expected that they too) for a perfect assortment! Especially since it will allow you to spend time with your friends enjoying a session “shopping like no other” and that, we love…

Several Color Desires: How to Do?

If you give importance to harmony, but you still love the variations of colors (or when you can not stop on one and the same color), here is the solution that might be suitable for you in all respects: select the same dress for all in the cut and the material, but, on the other hand, do not hesitate to vary the colors.

It will be the perfect mix between homogeneity, thanks to the shape and the fabric, and originality thanks to the different colors. This is the ideal option in case you have selected several thematic colors of your wedding. Small references often make all the difference!

Feel Beautiful First!

On the other hand, you insist that all are dressed in the same color, but your bridesmaids are not all of the same morphology, no panic! There is a solution that will meet your expectations: create dresses in the same fabric, but each will be adapted to the physique of the one who will wear it.

The goal is to highlight each of them. Yes, it is essential that those who are closest to you for the best day of your life feel comfortable and beautiful in their dresses. Of course, if you do not want to embark on a big sewing job you can find your happiness in specialty stores. There is no doubt that wedding professionals know how to fulfill all your wishes!

To Each Style!

Finally, you have also the solution of facility, and for you and for your friends: the homogeneity of color to be in agreement with the colors of your marriage, but that ‘s all! No specific model imposed, no unique fabric, your bridesmaids are spoiled for choice from the moment they respect the color you asked them.

Thus, they will have more freedom and will all be able to wear outfits that are in their own styles, their tastes and their morphologies. Not to mention that for you, it will be something less to manage. It must be admitted that a wedding requires a lot of organization and time so why not win by leaving the hand on the choice of dresses to your friends? It will not be less beautiful, it will simply be freer. What do you think?