10 Tips to Relax the Day Before the Wedding

The Wedding Belles

The countdown that takes you to day B comes to an end. In just over 24 hours your new life begins. As you know, it is not easy to manage this big occasion, so we give you 10 secrets to spend it in the most relaxed way possible, so you can just think about enjoying your special day.

After weeks of thinking about original ideas for your wedding, worrying about finding the bridal bouquet that best matches your dress, finding comfortable wedding shoes and a thousand other things… the big day is about to arrive. You don’t want to feel totally exhausted, so take care and disconnect with the wider world. Want to know how? To help you, we have compiled these 10 tips. Take note!

1. Practice a sport that allows you to disconnect

The day before the wedding you probably don’t want to do a crossfit class or run the risk of being injured in a strenuous activity. However, practicing a sport that relaxes you in some way will still come in handy. Sweating a little, will relieve you of the stress you may feel and will guarantee you have no problems when it comes to wearing your perfect princess-cut wedding dress.

2. Turn off your mobile phone or leave it to someone you trust

To avoid any useless stress, it is better that you disconnect from the outside world. If you can, disconnect completely from your mobile and leave it with someone you can trust who can answer any inquiries from suppliers and guests.

3. Rest all you can

We understand that this is easier said than done. However, a good dose of rest before facing the flood of emotions that await you the next day is essential to show off a fresh and beautiful face. To avoid the risk of having dark circles, we advise you to go to bed early. And if you think you won’t be able to fall asleep, force yourself to take a quick nap or enjoy a relaxing infusion or tea! You will notice the difference.

4. Prepare your “survival kit” for a girlfriend

As prevention is better than cure, we advise you to prepare a bag with a trusted relative or close friend with some things that can “save your life” on day B. This task will occupy your mind and relax you. Inside that “survival kit” you can include scarves, makeup, wipes, strips, deodorant, safety pins, perfume, flat wedding shoes and anything that can make you feel calmer.

5. Relax with a spa or massage

Relaxing massage, manicure, circuit in a spa … Taking care of yourself is a very effective way to relax before the wedding and helps your body to be in top shape. If you do not have the budget, the solution is at your fingertips and can be found at home: prepare a hot bath with foam, listen to romantic wedding songs that you have selected and you will see how you forget everything.

6. Practice your marriage vows

Take advantage in the hours before the wedding to review your speech. Having a clear head with what you want to say to your partner on the day of your union will make you feel calmer. If you still think that on the wedding day you can fail, make “notes” for added security.

7. Forget the wedding, it’s time to delegate tasks

You have spent months preparing and organising everything, so the time has come to delegate. Do some guests plan to arrive today? May your parents or one of your friends arrive together? Is there any decorations left to put on? “Hire” your friends. Explain what needs to be done first thing and come back in the afternoon. They will love your ideas! Should we deal with suppliers? With this attitude you will be more relaxed and have your loved ones more involved in what will undoubtedly be the best day of your life.

8. Do what you want most

Between choosing gifts for wedding guests, making the seating plan and controlling all the preparations you have been thinking about others for months. This is “your day” – Treat yourself and do what you like best! Eat your favourite meal, go shopping, watch your favourite movie, meet friends … Anyway, take time and you will see the hours go by.

9. Don’t forget the boyfriend

Among so many talks about finding fun ideas for the wedding and meetings with different providers, the time you have shared with your boyfriend in recent weeks has been somewhat short. And tomorrow you will not have as much privacy. So take advantage of the day before you meet again to spend time with him. Between the two of you, as long as you avoid talking exclusively about the wedding, you’re sure to calm any nerves you may have.

10. Take a walk

The day before your wedding do not stay locked in alone. Share a pleasant walk with someone who best understands you, be it your mother, your sister or a friend, and take the opportunity to clear your mind by talking about everything a little.

Hopefully, these little tips will allow you to be 100% on day B. Because we take it for granted that the more relaxed you are, the better your spectacular wedding will be and you will appear rested, which will enhance your beauty. So … Enjoy!

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