10 Must Have Spring Fashion Ideas 2021

10 Must Have Spring Fashion Ideas 2021

Spring is just around the corner and your wardrobe might be still having the winter stuff ad clothes. The fashion trends for spring keeps changing each year but some authentic spring must-haves remain same over the years. The spring not only brings fresh looks but you can also play with style and fashion., Here we brought 10 must-haves for spring fashion ideas 2019.

1.    Floral prints:

The floral prints are the must-haves for spring, no matter how much time passes. These cool prints include soft shades and light flow fabric which allows your body breath and comfortable to wear as well. These prints can be used in shirts, skirts, jackets, capes, shoes, bags and scarf etc.

2. Skirts:

Skits are a good fashion option for day, evening and night. The flow skirts are not only very comfortable to wear but also provide you a chic look with style. You can choose different lengths and styles of skirts according to your liking and personal style. It is one of the best spring fashion ideas you should try.

3. Chiffon scarf:

A good scarf can be used in different ways and can be turned into a cape as well. Wear your chiffon scarf as you would like, you can buy scarf of different fabrics, colors and prints to accessories your wardrobe all spring long.

4. Trendy shades:

As summer is coming close make sure to protect your eyes from the harmful light. Buy few trendy shades to keep your eye protected as well as add fashion and style to your wardrobe this spring. Keep an eye on new shapes of shades which will keep your style up to date.

5. Cross-body  bags:

As spring comes closer the style of handbags also changes, from large winter handbags to the small cross body bags. Buy one for your wardrobe and style to your spring fashion. You can also use leather or simple cross body bags and also add some printed bags to your style.

6. Strap shoes:

The long boots are gone and light flat shoes and slippers are more “in” in the fashion trend. The strap shoes are not only very comfortable to wear but also let your feet breath in the humidity and hot weather. The strap shoes are best too worn under dresses and skirts which enhance the beauty of your footwear as well.

7. Chiffon tunics:

The chiffon tunics and blouses are must-haves in spring as it goes well with jeans, shorts, and skirts. The chiffon shirts and tunics are best and most comfortable to wear in spring as it adds lots of fashion and style as well as a comfortable wear for all day long spring weather.

8. Light fabric dress:

Short and long dresses are very much “in” in the spring and provide a flow feeling and look. You can have these dresses in light and comfortable fabrics with soft prints to go with your dress. You can always accessorize these dresses and choose style according to your choice and likings. These dresses are very fashionable and chic when worn in spring evenings.

9. Mild shade lipsticks:

As soon as the fashion trend changes in spring, the makeup trend also changes. In winters hot reds are trending in makeup but during spring lights tones of makeup are used to give you a soft and fresh look. Pinks, peaches, and nudes are must haves in spring makeup trend.

10. Funky accessories/ hair accessories:

When you add things to your makeup and wardrobe, don’t forget to include some accessories too. Especially to your hair accessories that can be flower clips to add little flower look in your hairstyle. The funky accessories such as earrings, necklace, and bracelets can add more style and fashion to your spring.

So, you have explore amazing spring fashion ideas. Which one you like to try?

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Fatima is a fashion blogger and designer. She likes to share fashion and style tips with the readers. She also writes about best body shapers.

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